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Written by Sam Peagler


Dungeons & Dragons Character & Class Folios | Ultra PRO International

Keeping track of all the different information and encounters during a Dungeons & Dragons campaign can get overwhelming. Remembering which NPCs you talked to, who the Barbarian got angry at, who the Rogue stole from, who the Bard got friendly with. Not to mention all the stat tracking! Character sheets take a beating with the constant erasing and rewriting, and as the campaign goes on it just gets too full to fit everything!

Dungeons & Dragons Character & Class Folios | Ultra PRO International

With Ultra PRO Character Folios, you can forget about the disorganization, confusion, and beat up character sheets. With room for anything and everything you’ll need for your campaign, Ultra PRO folios come with features tailor-made to take your Dungeons and Dragons experience to the next level.

Dungeons & Dragons Character & Class Folios | Ultra PRO International

Ultra PRO Character Folios offer:

  • Front and back pocket for notes, maps, and secret letters from your patron that no one is supposed to know about. 
  • Two pages of storage slots for up to 18 standard size spell cards means you can have the right spell available at the right time. No more fumbling through a stack of cardboard while the party waits on you to find your magic missile. 
  • 10 wet/dry erase page pockets for your character sheet. Constantly erasing and rewriting stats, equipment, and HP can ruin your character sheet. Gray marks, ripped paper, and crowded spell slots are a thing of the past. The wet/dry erase pocket lets you insert your character sheet and draw directly on top of it! Simply wipe the page clean when you need to change something on your sheet. 
  • A full art cover dedicated to the corresponding class

Dungeons & Dragons Character & Class Folios | Ultra PRO International

Ultra PRO offers class-themed folios for:

  • Artificers who need to keep track of all their crazy equipment
  • Barbarians who constantly need to update their current HP
  • Bards who need to remember their songs and which NPCs they’ve romanced
  • Clerics who can’t remember how many times they’ve had to heal the party.
  • Druids that always meet new animal friends and write down every. single. one.
  • Fighters who write down all their NPC grudges
  • Monks dedicated to meditating through journaling
  • Paladins who insist on keeping track of all the sins of their party
  • Rangers who never say anything and just write it all down
  • Rogues making notes about possible burglary opportunities 
  • Sorcerers who can never remember which spells they chose
  • Warlocks hiding secret notes from their patron
  • Wizards who, well... get confused easily

So, whether you’re a spell-slinging Sorcerer or a gadget-loving Artificer, there is a folio for you.


Additionally, each folio comes with a sticker sheet for improved organization. These sticker sheets feature: 

  • 1 D&D Logo Sticker 
  • 13 Large Class Stickers
  • 26 Small Class Stickers
  • 12 Spell Card Reminder Stickers
  • 8 Fold Over Tab Stickers
  • 2 Binding Edge Stickers


Interested in picking up an Ultra PRO Character Folio? You can find Ultra PRO products at your favorite local game store! If they don’t have the exact thing you want, just ask and they can order it for you! Don’t have a local game store? Head over to www.shop.ultrapro.com to see all our Dungeons & Dragons accessories.

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