Celebrating 25 years of Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

When you think back on the past 25 years of Pokémon, what comes to mind? Do you remember the way the art looked on the first Pokémon card you ever got? The first time you beat a full-grown adult in your local Pokémon Trading Card Game League? Or trading contraband cards in secret behind the tire swing during recess?

Celebrating 25 years of Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

Whatever memories of Pokémon you hold near and dear, there’s another way to hold the cards that are near and dear to you, too: the Pokémon 25th Celebration Deck Box! This handmade wooden Deck Box is the perfect way to store your most cherished cards, whether it’s the first holographic you ever pulled from a booster pack, or that expertly-crafted deck that brings you luck no matter who you play against. With a laser-etched 25th Celebration Pokémon logo featuring the iconic silhouette of Pikachu, a magnetic closure, and rollout side dice compartment, this collectible box is worthy of protecting whatever nostalgia you want to fill it with, including over 100 double-sleeved cards!  Beautiful enough to display, and tough enough to take with you on your next adventure into the tall grass, this collector’s edition box can even be handed down to the next aspiring Pokémon Master in your life!  After they’ve decided on their own starter companion, of course!


For even more storage, there’s also the 25th Celebration 9-Pocket PRO-Binder. Featuring vibrant, full-cover art and an elastic strap closure, this is the binder that every Pokémon collector will want to show off. The rise of social media may have rendered photo albums obsolete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bust out your cherished Pokémon TCG album when the grandkids come over to visit! Flip through the archival-safe, non-PVC pages and impress your guests with your perfectly-curated collection. The PRO-Binder safely stores up to 360 cards in side-loading pockets, so whether you’ve filled your Pokédex or are just starting out on your journey, there’s plenty of room for all of your favorites. Each card has its own story, and now you can tell yours, one page at a time.


These limited-edition collectibles will only be available through your local hobby store, so head over to your favorite game shop and show your support today. There’s no better place to meet fellow Poke-Fanatics, after all! 


No matter your age, there are so many Pokémon memories to share: whether you tried searching for Mew under the pickup-truck in Pokémon Red, or cosplayed as your favorite character at a local convention, or even cried at the end of the ‘Bye Bye, Butterfree’ episode (didn’t we all?!), 25 years of Pokémon means 25 years of joy, friendship, and of course, collecting.


What is your favorite Pokémon memory to share? Let us know with #UPyourgame

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