Top 5 Gift Ideas for Sports Card Collectors

Written by Sam Peagler & Krystal Rose

Need a Hail Mary to find holiday gifts for the sports fan on your list? As the biggest name in sports collecting, Ultra PRO has five gift ideas that will excite even the most enfranchised sports collector!

Hockey Display Cases | Ultra PRO International

#5: Puck/Ball & Card Flip Displays

The perfect gift for the hockey or baseball fans in your life!  The Puck & Card and Ball & Card Flip Displays allow them to present their most valuable player in an adjustable display. Designed to fit one puck/ball and one standard size trading card, this holder is made with thick, high quality ultra-clear materials. With support posts that can be moved to allow for both vertical and horizontal display, the Puck/Ball & Card Flip Displays put your favorite player front and center. 

ONE-TOUCH® Card Holders | Ultra PRO International

#4: Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Displays

The Ultra PRO ONE-TOUCH line of premium trading card storage products are the perfect solution for the trading card collector, and the Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH designs are an exciting update to this popular line! With slide-in hinges and magnetic closure, Ultra PRO has eliminated the need for those tiny screws and makes it easy to access and secure cards. UV-blocking materials protect cards from all sources of UV-rays. Made with non-PVC materials, ONE-TOUCH provides secure, acid-free protection to ensure your collection retains its while on display. Both 2- Card ONE-TOUCH Holders and 3-Card ONE-TOUCH Holders are sized to fit 35pt cards and include a sawtooth wall mount so your collector can easily display their favorite players. 

One Touch

#3: ONE-TOUCH Stands

If your collectors already have their cards carefully stored in Ultra PRO ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Displays, consider this practical stocking stuffer! ONE-TOUCH Stands offer a sleek display base, presenting cards as a slight angle. Sized for 35pt and 130pt ONE-TOUCH Displays, it might be safe to just grab them a pack of each… just to be safe, you know. 

Breaker Mats | Ultra PRO International

#2: Breaker Mats

Breaker Mats are a home run for sports fans, and not just for baseball either! Help the collectors on your list keep their valuable hits safe by providing a soft surface for pack open and card sorting. Ultra PRO Breaker Mats are made with a high-quality fabric top to protect cards during card breaks and a non-slip back to prevent shifting. At 24” X 13-12” these mats also make great decorative oversized mousepads for desktop and laptop workstations. 

Carrying Cases | Ultra PRO International

#1: Collector’s Carrying Case

For the collector on-the-go, the Collector’s Carrying Case provides an all-in-one solution for transporting sports memorabilia supplies. Made with a heavy duty fabric shell, 10 modular inserts, and 12” wide pockets that hold Ultra PRO 9-pocket portfolios, it adjusts to the needs of any collector. The suitcase handle and padded shoulder strap make for easy and comfortable transport no matter the situation. Now they can easily take their favorite cards to that signing you also got them tickets for - you got the tickets, right?

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