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By Sara Cate Galasso

The holidays are right around the corner, so while you chow down on your leftover Friendsgiving mashed potatoes, it might be a good time to think of all the people in your life that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a Pikachu with a bottle of ketchup! And what better way to express your appreciation for your Pokémon-loving loved ones than the perfect Pokémon themed gift? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of great Pokémon gifts for everyone on your list, so your shopping will be taken care of before the pumpkin pie even hits the table! 

Gallery Series Seaside Standard Gaming Playmat for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

  • Gallery Series: Seaside Playmat
  • If you have a sun-loving type on your gift list, then the Gallery Series: Seaside Playmat is the perfect way for them to soak up some Vitamin D during the coldest winter months! Play a game of Pokémon TCG on the Seaside Mat and the vibrant, full color art of Lapras, Gyrados, and Magikarp frolicking— or flailing—  along the beach will have you hearing the crash of waves in no time! The rubber-backed playmat even doubles as a desktop mousepad, so the Water Trainer in your life can keep the summer vibes flowing all year long!

    Mewtwo Alcove Flip Deck Box for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International
  • Mewtwo Alcove Deck Box
  • Mewtwo is a living legend: it was created in a science lab, it can lift things with its mind (probably?), and it can even speak telepathically. For that living legend on your gift list, it might be time to do a little mind reading of your own: What’s that? They want a new Deck Box?  More specifically the Mewtwo Flip Alcove Deck Box that stores up to 100 double-sleeved Pokémon cards? The one featuring the purple foil Mewtwo embossed on a premium leatherette material and strong magnetic closures? Well, of course! Who wouldn’t want to receive such a legendary gift?!

  • Pokémon 25th Anniversary Deck Box
  • 2021 marks 25 years of Pokémon magic, and that’s cause for celebration, no matter the holiday! Mark the occasion AND support small business this shopping season with the gift of a limited-edition handcrafted wooden deck box! The 25th Celebration Deck Box features a laser-etched silhouette of the Pokémon 25th logo, a fold-out side dice compartment, and can fit over 100 double-sleeved cards, or whatever other treasures your gift recipient might want to store inside! This deck box is a hobby store exclusive, so show that local game store some love for the holidays and plan a stop during your shopping trip! (As if you needed an excuse to stop by the hobby shop). There’s even a matching PRO-Binder, so you can create a themed gift bundle, or hey, just pick something up for yourself while you’re there! Poke-treat yo’self!

    Squirtle Accessories for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International
  • Character Line Accessories: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle
  • Nineties kids may be all grown up now, some even with kids of their very own, but the fun of growing up with Pokémon can be enjoyed across all generations! Give the gift of nostalgia with the Character Line of Pokémon card accessories, featuring the starter trio that started it all: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle! Everyone remembers which one they picked when they were young, and with a range of items to choose from, there’s something for everyone: maybe Mom doesn’t collect TCG cards, but she can use the 9-Pocket Bulbasaur PRO-binder to protect those old photos of that homemade Jigglypuff costume. (Yes it looked cursed, and no you didn’t care!). Your brother only played Pokémon Red, but a Charmander playmat on his computer desk would remind him of those good old days during a tough work week. Your uncle always brought you a pack of Pokémon cards whenever he’d visit, so return the favor with a Squirtle 4-Pocket Portfolio to start his new retirement hobby off with a smile. It’s never too late to Catch ‘Em All, so share the Pokémon memories around this holiday season! (Just make sure mom doesn’t show anyone those old pictures during dinner). 

    Gallery Series Haunted Hollow 9-Pocket PRO-Binder for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International
  • Gallery Series Haunted Hollow 9-Pocket PRO-Binder
  • Halloween may be over, but for some of us, it lives on in spirit all year long. Keep the creepy vibes alive with the gift of a Gallery Series Haunted Hollow 9-Pocket PRO Binder!  This vibrant, full-color binder featuring fan-favorite Gengar and other ghost-type Pokémon is the perfect resting place for up to 360 dark- and ghostly-type cards, and makes a scary-good gift for your Goth GF or spooky friend. Besides, ghosts are already a fundamental part of the holidays—  haven’t you read A Christmas Carol?! That story is full of ghosts. So forget the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we’re haunting the halls this year!

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