Chase Planes, Not Gifts: Top 5 picks for the Planeswalkers on your list | Ultra PRO International

Written by Sam Peagler

Ultra PRO has the perfect holiday gifts for the Magic: The Gathering player in your life. With organization, protection, or transportation products, Ultra PRO has something for EVERYONE!


Theros Beyond Death Kiora Bests the Sea God Wall Scroll for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International


#5: Theros Beyond Death Kiora Wall Scroll

Featuring the gorgeous artwork of the card Kiora Bests the Sea God, this wall scroll makes a beautiful addition to any office, game room, or play space. Ultra PRO wall scrolls are made with high quality materials to produce vibrant, full-color details on soft and silky fabric. This officially licensed scroll measures 16 x 37.4in and comes with solid rods and ropes for secure installation.

Don’t think they’ll vibe with this design? Check out more Magic: The Gathering Wall Scrolls here!

Ultra PRO Eclipse Series Deck Protectors | Ultra PRO International

#4: Eclipse Matte and Gloss Sleeves

Ultra PRO sleeves provide quality protection and clear display quality. Designed with ChromaFusion Technology™, Ultra PRO sleeves provide a fully opaque backing, split-resistant seal, and effortless shuffling. Do you see them playing a lot over Spell Table? Eclipse Matte might be right for them. Do they bask in the glittery shine of their foil collection? Eclipse Gloss might be a better choice! Either way, no Magic player EVER has enough sleeves.

Ashiok Accessories Bundle for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

#3: Teferi/Ashiok Bundle & PRO-Binder

Looking for an all-in-one option for your favorite Planeswalker? These themed bundles feature a range of accessories adorned with exclusive artwork for your favorite planeswalker. These bundles include:

  • One stitched-edged Playmat
  • One Life Pad
  • One PRO 100+ Deck Box
  • 100 ChromaFusion sleeves 
  • One Premium Card Storage Box – holds 700 cards sleeved in Ultra PRO sleeves

Complete the collection with the Teferi or Ashiok 9-Pocket PRO-Binder. Holding 360 cards, it’s made with archival-safe materials to ensure safe and secure storage. 


Mythic Edition Accessories for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International


#2: Mythic Edition Deck Boxes and Zippered PRO-Binders

Help the MTG fans on your list become MYTHIC with Mythic Edition Deck Boxes and PRO-Binders! The Mythic Edition Line includes:

  • The Alcove Tower Deck Box
    • Holds up to 100 standard size cards double-sleeved and includes a bottom drawer compartment for dice, coins, or other small gaming accessories
  • The Alcove Flip Deck Box 
    • Holds up to 100 standard size cards double-sleeved
  • The Alcove Vault Deck Box
    • Two compartments to the left and right of the Alcove Vault can each hold up to 100 double-sleeved standard-sized (2.5" x 3.5") trading card game cards.
    • Center compartment can hold an additional single-sleeved deck or store dice, tokens, counters, and other accessories.
  • The 4-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder
    • Fits 160 standard-sized cards in Ultra Pro Deck Protector sleeves.
  • The 9-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder
    • Fits 160 standard-sized cards in Ultra Pro Deck Protector sleeves.

Deluxe Gaming Trove | Ultra PRO International

#1: Deluxe Gaming Trove

With the return of in-person events, players are eager to pack up their favorite decks and see their friends! A compact bag for all your transportation needs, the Deluxe Gaming Trove features:

  • 5 modular inserts
  • Space for a playmat
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap that extends up to 60” in length
  • Briefcase handle (because options are great!)

Made with a heavy duty fabric shell, the Deluxe Gaming Trove is designed with protection in mind.  It’s security and easy carry makes it the perfect gift for any Magic: The Gathering player. 

Whether they have been playing for years or just getting started, Ultra PRO has an UPgrade for every Magic fan this holiday season!

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