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Written by Sara Cate Galasso


Your D&D party always has your back: saving you from the brink when you’re on your last health point, distracting Banshees and Bulettes so you can deal the final death blow, and of course, throwing the DM for a loop with eye-rolling antics that take the plot in an entirely unrelated direction. Reward your best adventuring buddies this holiday season with gifts that are high in charisma and always roll with advantage. We have something for every member of your party, so you can knock out your gift list in a single hit like a Frost Giant with a Greataxe.

Deck the Halls With Dungeons and Dragons! | Ultra PRO International

For the Druid Elf

The Druid Elf in your party is always in touch with their inner-hippie. They hide behind plants, they can change the weather in the snap of a finger, and they probably chit-chat with squirrels in their spare time. Surprise your foresty-friend with a gift that reminds them of their roots— get it? roots? trees? okay sorry—  the Feywild, birthplace of the first elves. A set of Feywild Heavy Metal Copper and Green Dice will surely impress even the most holistic half-elf, and withstand the elements of the untamed corners of the Feywild! Toss them inside a Plush D20 Copper and Green Dice Bag and your Druid will be rolling in green-colored gratitude! Right on, man. 

Dungeons & Dragon Bag of Holding Gamer Pouch | Ultra PRO International

For the Human Wizard

Your Wizard is the sensible one in your party: organized, logical, and always with their nose in a book. They keep their cool in the face of danger, they act as the voice of reason when things get rough, and they do it all while lugging around an entire library’s worth of spellbooks wherever they go. For the Wizard whose tomes are taking up a lot of space in their inventory, perhaps the gift of a Bag of Holding is just the thing! This plush pouch can hold dice, coins, hopes, dreams, and anything else your knowledge-thirsty friend has crammed into the pockets of that cool wizardy-robe of theirs. 


Deck the Halls With Dungeons and Dragons! | Ultra PRO International

For the Dwarf Bard

Most Bards are colorful, but your Dwarf Bard takes it to a whole other level. Not only are they obsessed with the bright and beautiful, they want to keep every shiny thing they see, claiming they could become inspiration for their next song. For the charismatic charmer, a Pad of Perception is perfect for jotting down stats, song lyrics or doodles of treasures yet to come. Speaking of treasures, another way to dazzle that Dwarf in your party is to gift them a sparkling set of colorful dice: The Eclipse Acrylic 11 Dice Set comes in 12 different colors, so your beloved Bard can mix and match sets to create a rainbow full of inspiration! I sense a song of gratitude coming on!

Figurines of Adorable Power | Ultra PRO International

For the Dungeon Master

Your Dungeon Master works so hard to keep your adventure exciting; plotting out unexpected twists, building realistic and detailed worlds for you to explore, and ensuring that everything is going smoothly. And how do you repay them? By spending a full day shopping for magical snow globes in the pop-up shop at the edge of town, missing the obvious pathway that leads to your next destination and instead wandering into the woods in the middle of the night, and breaking all reasonable laws of logic (and physics) so you can incorporate that bag of ball bearings into the final boss battle. Why not give your DM the gift of PEACE this holiday season and stop making them bend over backwards to accommodate all of your baffling choices?! Oh, and a few swanky D&D gifts wouldn’t hurt, either. How about a Dice Tray with a velvety-smooth inner lining for rolling those constitution saving throws? Or a Premium Zippered Book & Character Folio for storing their Monster Manual and all those lovingly-handcrafted, beautifully detailed world maps? Heck, why not throw in a few of the Figurines of Adorable Power vinyl figures as stocking stuffers, too, to make up for that time your party accidentally melted an important NPC because of a simple misunderstanding? (You’re still apologizing for that one). 


Express your appreciation for the Master that makes the Dungeons happen, and everyone in your rag-tag group of RPG besties this holiday season, with officially licensed D&D products from Ultra PRO! 

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