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Written by Sara Cate Galasso 

After an entire year of anticipation and speculation, the will-they-won’t-they relationship between Animal Crossing fans and Nintendo has ended happily ever after: the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update is finally here, and fans old and new are overjoyed with all the wonderful features added to the game (New furniture? Yessss. Cooking recipes? Gimme! Smol little Gyroids that dance and sing?! Is this heaven, or just one of Luna’s Dream Islands?). Along with new downloadable content, a 5th series of Amiibo cards was released as well, and although this may have caused the Raymond Economy to crash virtually overnight, it also means there’s a whole new set of cards to collect and play with, including new characters and NPCs that have never had their own amiibo cards before! Whether you’re brand new to Amiibo cards or waited in line at 5am to try to snag that sweet, sweet, Hello Kitty re-release pack, you might have wondered how to best store all those cute little rectangles of NFC-powered joy. Move over Sea Bass, this news is worth at least a C+: Animal Crossing Amiibo cards fit snugly inside a colorful range of Ultra PRO products, so you can ensure that your Stitches and Sherb are always safe and secure. Crossers rejoice!

With new villagers and Amiibo functionality added to the game, enhancing your gameplay with Amiibo cards is now better than ever! Invite an animal friend to Brewster’s Cafe for a chat over a cup of coffee, or scan a card into the Happy Home Paradise DLC to design that villager’s perfect vacation home! With nearly 450 cards to collect, storing all those Amiibos in one place might sound intimidating, but fear not! The Vivid 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder safely holds up to 480 cards in side-loading, acid-free pockets. Don’t just toss those cards into your pockets with your pears and your Froggy Chairs! Load up an Eclipse 4-Pocket PRO-Binder and clear up that inventory space for more fish and fossils! Each colorful binder holds up to 160 cards, so you can keep all your faves in one place while you hop a plane to a friend’s place for an Amiibo-scanning party! Whether you organize by villager personality (Peppy pop-stars like Peanut in a Hot Pink PRO-Binder, sauve Smug types like Julian in the sophisticated Smoke Grey), animal species, or even just in number order, you can rest assured that each card will be perfectly protected in its own little acid-free, non-PVC nook and cranny, yes yes! (See what I did there?) You can even color-coordinate with matching matte or gloss Deck Protector® sleeves, to create combos that even fashion-hog Label herself would approve of. With a range of colors and options to choose from, your Amiibo card storage is about to get an adorable upgrade.

So whether you’re hunting for new characters like Wardell or Daisy Mae to complete your collection, or just need a stylish place to put your cutest critter friends, Ultra PRO has what you need to stay organized! The horizons are looking bright for New Horizons, and all the fun you can have collecting Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards! 

Which new Animal Crossing Amiibo Card is your favorite? Use #UPyourGame on Instagram and Twitter!

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