Color of the Month: Arctic White | Ultra PRO International

Written by Matthew Burwell

This year at Ultra PRO, we plan on showing off the wide variety of colorful accessories we have to offer for collectors, RPG players, and anyone in-between with our Color of the Month campaign! Each month, we’ll be taking a look at a wide variety of products in one of our 12 Eclipse colors, each themed to show off the incredible products Ultra PRO has in color schemes to fit any and all. For January, we take a look at the color of clean slates and new beginnings; Arctic White!

What better way to get your New Year rolling than with the Arctic White Eclipse Acrylic RPG Dice Set? This set is a must-have for any cold-hearted Rogue or frost Wizard looking to put their foes on ice. The Arctic White set comes with 11 pieces, featuring a shimmering clear finish that makes them look like they were carved from frosted glass. The 4x D6 and 2x D20 included in the set are great for making some Saving Throws at Disadvantage against the winter chill, or rolling up some damage after casting an Ice Storm. Just don’t roll too well, or your GM might start giving you the cold shoulder…

On the subject of dice, get ready to go big or go home with the Arctic White Jumbo D20 Novelty Dice Plush. This massive chonker is deceptively light, even being a full 10’’ wide, and is perfect for making a BIG statement at your next Tabletop session - even if your fellow players mistakenly believe you’ve brought in the world's largest snowball. And remember; if you do roll it, try not to roll it on the battle map (or, alternatively, do that. Roll big, establish dominance.)

If D&D isn’t your thing, have no fear; Ultra PRO is here with plenty of TCG accessories to keep you feeling organized and looking fresh. Whether you’re looking to run the local game shop with your new Mono White Aggro deck, or gearing up for a trip to Snowpoint City to take down Candice and her Abomasnow, the Arctic White Classic Satin Tower Deck Box® will make sure that all of your cards are protected from the Winds of Winter. With a snap-fit locking mechanism capable of holding 100+ cards, and a spacious bottom compartment for dice, coins, or life counters, this Deck Box is a great addition to your collection, either at home or on the go.

Sometimes, though, just bringing one deck along isn’t gonna get the job done. Ultra PRO has got you covered with the Arctic White Eclipse PRO-Binder. Available in 2-Pocket, 4-Pocket, and 9-Pocket varieties (able to hold up to a whopping 360 cards), you can be sure to have all of your tools at your disposal for your next friendly tournament or Friday Night Magic.

However, as we all know, you can’t play with all your cards in a box or a binder. Eventually, they have to leave the safety and comfort of their homes and brave the elements all on their own. The Arctic White Eclipse Deck Protector® sleeves, available in Gloss and Matte finish, are the perfect matching companions for your Deck Box or PRO-Binder, which are designed for holding cards in Deck Protector sleeves, meaning you don’t have to waste time re-securing them after each use! 

And finally, what better way to utilize a blank slate in the New Year than by filling it to the brim? The Arctic White Standard Gaming Playmat is a sleek rubberized surface perfect for TCG players setting up for a game, or PC gamers looking for one more run in MTG Arena. Also, for the artists in the crowd, the premium fabric top makes for a fantastic canvas for colored pen design, allowing you to create your own works of art on the Playmat - and let’s be honest, we all need more Nahiri fanart in our lives.

That’s it for this Color of the Month, but check back in February; With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, and we plan on celebrating all things pink!

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