Color of the Month: Pink | Ultra PRO International

Written by Reuben Bresler

With the upcoming release of the cyberpunk-inspired Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, the popularity of D&D’s latest setting book Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, and of course the looming presence of Valentine’s Day on the near horizon, it should come as no surprise that the Color of the Month for February at Ultra PRO is: Pink!

In nature, pink is thought to bring about serenity and contentment as well as neutralize disorder or soften frustration. Not the color to choose if you want to tilt your opponents, but definitely the color you’d choose if you’re trying to charm and lull your opponent into a false sense of security. Pink is thought to represent approachability, friendship, and affection, all of which you can convey with a wide variety of Pink Accessories from Ultra PRO!

There is no better way to say “I Love You” to the dice goblin in your life this Valentine’s Day than with a brand new Eclipse Pink Acrylic RPG Dice Set. The Pink set comes with 11 total pieces, all of which have a shimmering clear finish. The 4 D6s and 2 D20s included in the set are great for making some Saving Throws at Disadvantage against the winter chill or rolling up some damage after casting an Ice Storm. The set comes with a single D4, D8, and D12, as well as 2 D20s for rolling with Advantage, 2 D10s for rolling Percentile, and 4 D6s for ease of rolling up new stats for your Dungeons & Dragons characters… or for casting Fireball. All 11 dice come in a handsome two-piece pink acrylic dice box. It’s hard not to fall in love!

And speaking of boxes, the Eclipse 2-Piece 100+ Deck Box is the pinnacle of safe and beautiful storage for all your gaming needs. These translucent boxes are designed to hold 100 double-sleeved traditional-sized trading cards, which is perfect for Commander aficionados and casual gamers alike. Made from acid-free, non-PVC materials, these Eclipse boxes are designed to be stackable for ease of organization.

Eclipse Accessories also offers a wide array of sleeves! Matte finish and glossy sleeves from Eclipse are available in a wide array of colors, including this month’s featured pink products, meaning that your deck will be as well-appointed and eye-catching as the belle of the ball. All sleeves meet the usual specifications for Magic: The Gathering and other traditional card sizes.

But what of the cards that are left waiting on the sidelines? Well never fear, because Eclipse PRO-Binders are here! Featuring premium lining and side-loading pockets that prevent cards from falling out like might happen with traditional card pages, the PRO-Binder is perfect for those cards who might not yet have found their Valentine. PRO-Binders are available in 2-Pocket, 4-Pocket, and 9-Pocket varieties, suited to match the needs of the gamer on the go! The top pick of these is of course Hot Pink. Simply irresistible.

If we’re talking about fashion statements, look no further than the Glitter Satin Tower and Satin Cube from Ultra PRO. Available in Glitter Blue, Glitter Black, and Glitter Clear as well… but let’s face it. The Glitter Pink Satin Tower and Satin Cube are the ones that will make the music stop as soon as they walk in. Towers feature a space for dice and other small accessories to be kept alongside your decks, while Cubes fit into smaller spaces without the additional feature. The gold flake is sure to make you fall in love!

Pink has long been a popular color among high level competitive Magic: The Gathering. For one reason or another, pink sleeves have been widely adopted by the upper echelons of competitive play. The longtime benchmark for quality and consistency in trading card game sleeves is the PRO-Line Deck Protector line of products. These solid color sleeves are available in packs of 80, perfect for sleeving up Standard, Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy decks with a few extras to spare. These sleeves are available in both gloss or matte finish to help accentuate any player’s style. Polishing off the look with a PRO 80+ Deck Box, specifically designed with these sleeves in mind, adds just the right accent to the look.

But if you want to scream “Pink” at the top of your lungs, nothing sets the tone quite like The Solid Pink Ultra PRO Playmat. Featuring a rubberized surface designed for stability on the bottom for any tabletop player’s board state or computer gamer’s mousing needs, Ultra PRO playmats are the gold standard for collectible and trading card game players who only want the best of the best. The premium fabric top is smooth and consistent, making it the ideal surface from which to battle your opponents unencumbered.

That’s it for this Color of the Month, but check back in March! With Spring ready to be sprung, we’re budding with excitement for our next feature color: Lime Green!