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Written by Sara Cate Galasso


Calling all water trainers: it’s time to hit the beach! Grab a towel and your SPF 50, because the new Gallery Series: Seaside collection of accessories for Pokémon has arrived, and it’s making quite a splash. With a large array of sunny new accessories to choose from, everyone is invited to this beach day, however you like to play. 

Gallery Series Seaside Full-View Deck Box for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

Picture this: instead of that book you always take to the beach but never read, how about bringing along your perfectly-curated water deck in a cute Deck Box featuring vibrant art of Lapras, Gyarados, and Magikarp? Soak your opponents in a watery beachside-battle while you soak up some rays!  A quick towel-top game is easy-breezy with a fabric, non-slip playmat to keep your cards safe from the sand. Body surfing, beach volleyball, and a few rounds of Pokémon TCG? Yes please! Sounds like you just found your new vacay tradition. 


Want something more durable to keep those splash attacks off your collection? The Alcove Flip Box features a full-color leatherette finish and strong magnetic closures, and holds up 100 standard size cards, double-sleeved. It’s like a little cabana for your Pokémon! Why should Pikachu be the only one who gets a vacation? 

Gallery Series Seaside Standard Deck Protector Sleeves (65ct) for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

Sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses are must-have summertime accessories for protecting you from the sun, and stylish card sleeves featuring the iconic wave-rider Lapras are a must for protecting your precious aquatic Pokémon. Made with archival-safe, non-PVC materials, these Deck Protector sleeves are not only a perfect companion to your cards, but the dazzling Lapras that adorns them is the ultimate beach partner #goals: that knowing smile, the eyes that practically insist “Get on. You know you want to.”; I mean, who hasn’t dreamt of jumping atop a Lapras and sailing across the sea to their very own private island? No one, that’s who. 

2" Gallery Series Seaside 3-Ring Album for Pokémon | Ultra PRO International

Don’t live close to the coast? No problem. Beach day can be every day when you’re sporting the Seaside collection. The 2” album with full front-and-back art can be used for more than just trading cards. Bring your summer vibes to work with you, and store your important notes inside as a handy presentation binder. Back-to-school may be right around the corner, but you’ll still feel the sea breeze when you stash your homework inside this binder with 2” D-rings for holding all your 3-hole punched papers. Close your eyes and you’ll be right back in the sand again, relaxing under a gently swaying palm tree (or is that an Alolan Exeggutor?). Kick off your flip-flops and stay awhile. You deserve a break!


However you like to keep cool during the warmer months, you’ll be looking even cooler with the Gallery Series: Seaside accessories to store and show off your water-loving collection, available now at or at your favorite local game store! 


Which three water Pokémon would you put on the Seaside collection? Let us know #Seaside3

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