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Ultra PRO is excited to help to tell the story of Streets of New Capenna, Wizards of the Coast's latest premier set expansion for Magic: The Gathering!

New Capenna is a city of intrigue, power, industry, glitz, glamor, violence, and vice. The stories told here are dark and gritty, and there are very few true heroes. But there is at least one shining beacon, as the prodigal daughter Elspeth returns to her home plane... but we'll get to her later. 

Streets of New Capenna | Ultra PRO Interrnational

Very little moves or happens in New Capenna without the say-so of at least one of the families: The Obscura, gifted magicians and mystics led by the demon sphinx Raffine who use their gifts to blackmail and scheme their way to power; The Maestros, elite assassins and old-money led by the vampire Anhelo who recently took over the family from the former big boss, the vampire demon Xander, prior to his untimely assassination; The Riveteers, the blue-collar construction workers, architects, and artisans, led by Ziatora their demonic dragon leader; The Cabaretti, party animals and fun-loving revelers who use their social gatherings as a means to garner influence, with their ringleader Jetmir the Leonin demon and true party animal himself; and The Brokers, the white-collar workers and criminals who cook books and finagle numbers to get their way, led by the ever-studious and detailed aven demon Falco Spara, who keeps an eagle-eyed view on where the money flows throughout the city and the plane.

Streets of New Capenna | Ultra PRO International

As the enchanted metropolitan twilight casts a backdrop of glitz and glamor with a clear seedy underbelly of corruption and intrigue, it is here where Planeswalkers from about the Multiverse enter the scene. To Elspeth, this is home... or what is left of it. When she left, New Capenna was not yet New Capenna. The land was not ruled by demons and crime families, and the skyline was not yet dominated by skyscrapers and man-made structures. No, it was a land of angels. But something happened to the angels, and in their place, the vacuum of good was swallowed up by the evils of greed and gluttony. Associated with the disappearance of the angels, industry sprung up, buildings grew, and Halo became the lifeblood upon which the city thrived and grew. New Capenna is reliant on Halo, with myriad uses including as a healing elixir, for teleportation, and to enhance spells. What a strange coincidence that as soon as the angels disappeared, Halo, a substance of power and high demand, came into being amongst the demon crime families...

Streets of New Capenna | Ultra PRO International

And speaking of demons, you can't spell The Mob without "ob," and here is where Ob Nixilis enters the fray. Not content with simply corrupting minds and hearts, the one known as The Adversary on the Streets of New Capenna has taken up residence in the shining city and intended a hostile takeover. In an event of The Adversary War known as The Crescendo, Ob Nixilis began his assault with The Maestros, killing their former head honcho Xander, He also attempted to take out Jetmir among others, but the Cabaretti cat boss has a few lives left despite the attempt. Ob Nixilis is positioning himself to become the new head of New Capenna, the Sixth Family but the only one left standing. No longer will the Five Families rule, he hopes, instead new dawn of one leader is approaching. Simultaneously and during these events, the sacrifice of Giada, possibly the last free angel in the city, led to the city's other angels beginning to awaken from their stasis.

Streets of New Capenna | Ultra PRO International

Meanwhile, hidden in the cracks of the sewer grates and behind dumpsters in back alleys, an entirely alien force has found its way into the plane as well. This threat is an ancient foe that threatens not single peoples or families, but the entire plane: Urabrask. The Phyrexian influence of glistening oil infiltrates and permeates the lands it touches, and just like Mirrodin, Kaldheim, and Kamigawa before it, it will threaten New Capenna as well. But Urabrask is not like the other Praetors, no; Urabrask is a renegade, a wild card amongst the avatars of Phyrexia. The danger he presents is a different breed, one of chaos and randomness, which threatens to upset the orderly way of things within the perfectly proper and beautiful city. How that will manifest remains to be seen, but rest assured that All Will Be Compleated at the beck and call of Phyrexia.

There is haunting loneliness here. Surrounded by civilization, constantly around people, and yet no one to truly be social with, no one to call a friend. Trust is a thing of convenience here, and even your staunchest ally is but a few cases of Halo or promotion in the family from stabbing you in the back. The buildings cut a jagged line of teeth across the sky, hinting at the darkness just beneath the surface on the Streets of New Capenna.

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