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Written by Matthew Burwell

Your party is, once again, stuck in a dungeon. It has been a rough night, to say the least…

The Fighter is at half health, and has already used their second wind. The Cleric has been fighting tooth and nail to keep everyone up, but with only one spell slot left, it’s about to become harder. To their credit, the Rogue has sniffed out every trap along the way… until you hear a click.

As the doors in the room slam closed, the walls begin to close in. Everyone scrambles to find a way out before you all become a LOT closer. Your Dungeon Master asks for a Perception check- NATURAL 20! You see a pattern of arcane runes on the wall, a riddle written in elvish. You grab your notebook and pen as they recite the riddle;

The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space.

The beginning of the end, and the end of every place.

As they finish, the hourglass comes out. No one likes it when the hourglass comes out. Panic sets in, and the group looks to you, the Wizard with 18 Intelligence and 16 hit points. You read it over and over, trying to narrow it down- what could it be?! Life? Death? Magic? The time is almost up- and then you spot it. 

You run over to the runes as the walls get tighter, frantically pressing the runes for ‘e’ until an unseen button clicks, and a secret door opens in the wall! The party squeezes through, just as the walls clash together. You all let out a sigh of relief. That’s why you take notes

It’s always important to have a notepad handy when playing Dungeons and Dragons. And when it comes to keeping track of the contents in your bag of holding, why not do it in style? Ultra PRO’s Pads of Perception is the perfect addition to any adventurer’s pack. 

These stylized notepads come with 60 pages of bullet-style graph paper, giving you plenty of space to write notes when the DM decides to do a big lore drop, or keep track of movement in an intense theater-of-the-mind combat. The elastic strap closure and compact 6’’ x 4’’ design make for a notepad that is light, portable, and secure. 

But what really stands out about the Ultra PRO Pads of Perception is the artwork. With front and back covers designed by the iconic Hydro74, each book is as beautiful as it is menacing. The four reimagined book covers feature classic D&D monsters;

Player’s Handbook: A fearsome Duergar, denizen of the underdark.

Dungeon Master’s Guide: The undead Lich, a necromantic servant of evil.

Monster Manual: The all-seeing Beholder, an aberration with powerful magic.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A roaring Displacer Beast, shadow cat of the Feywild.

Each one of these designs is a work of art. The vibrant metallic ink accents make the artwork pop against the matte finish, making for a brilliantly eye-catching design. So, next time you have to jot something down, make sure to do it in style with these Pads of Perception from Ultra PRO!

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