Pack a Punch with Lucario Accessories for Pokémon

Written by Kevin Slackie

Get ready to align your chakras and purify your aura for the iconic Lucario Accessories Collection! This set is perfect for anyone that has justice in their heart. Each piece prominently features iconic artwork of this unique and powerful Pokémon. 

Straight out of the Ultra PRO Dojo, these deck accessories pack a punch! Featuring the high-quality materials you know and love, this line of products is ready to pick a fight! You’re sure to find the strength to protect your cards with our card sleeves enhanced with ChromaFusion Technology™ or with the archival grade polypropylene featured in our portfolio pages. Sleeves are to cards what boxing gloves are to fists — never show up to a fight (or friendly Friday night tournament) without them. Our deck boxes are perfect for holding up to 75 double sleeved cards or some sneaky snacks for a private viewing of Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Look we just make the boxes, what you choose to do with them is your business.

If you’re looking for something to keep all the info you’ve gathered on your opponents, look no further than our 2’ Album. Featuring 2 in. D-Rings for three hole punched pages (sold separately), this product is perfect for holding large collections or schoolwork while still looking fierce. Any Fighting type Pokémon trainer is sure to get a kick out of our themed 9-Pocket PRO-Binder. This premium product can hold up to 360 standard sized cards, perfectly protected with an elastic strap closure.

When Lucario isn’t being one of three Steel/Fighting types (the other two are legendaries), you can find them in two different fighter games! In the Super Smash Bros. series, Lucario is known for amazing comebacks thanks to its unique damage scaling mechanic. This ended up being so popular that a similar mechanic was used for Lucario GX and its Cantankerous Beatdown move, allowing card players to get the rush from turning the tide to their favor. Lucario also makes a prominent appearance in Pokkén Tournament, where he’s known for an aggressive, rushdown playstyle with moves like Bone Rush and Extreme Speed. Anyone who mains Lucario that wants to add some style (and extra cushion) under their Switch docks will absolutely love our rubber-backed playmat. The non-slip backing coupled with the soft fabric talk will make your Switch dock feel like it's ready to take on any opponent. 

For a Pokémon that isn’t the series mascot, Lucario manages to get around! From plushies and toys to even a movie where Lucario is the star, there’s no shortage of reasons to love this Aura Sphere throwing bruiser. While we might not get to see their Mega-Evolved form as much nowadays, Lucario is still a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its unique typing and powerful thighs. Make sure you’re friendly to any Riolu you see because you never know when you’ll end up being best friends with the mighty Lucario it evolves into. 

Feel free to ignore the first rule of fight club and tell all your friends and rivals about our Lucario product line.

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