Not All that Glitters is Gold: New Satin Towers and Cubes! | Ultra PRO International

Written by Matthew Burwell

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold… and she is sorely mistaken! This year, glitter comes in many shades with the Glitter Satin Towers and Cubes from Ultra PRO! These sparkling containers are sure to catch the eyes of your opponents at your next TCG gathering, or any guests who come by to check out your collection. The Glitter Satin Cubes are designed to hold over 100 standard size trading cards, even those protected by Ultra PRO Deck Protector® sleeves, leaving you with plenty of space to include some extra cards for your sideboard. The Glitter Satin Towers hold the same amount of cards, but include a convenient snap-on compartment at the base for any dice, life counters, or coins you want to bring along. Deciding which is right for you may be a difficult task, even more so when you find out that each Glitter Satin Cube and Tower is available in four distinct colors, each with a personality and flair of their own!

Black: Space; the final frontier. Boldly go where no collector has gone before with the Black Glitter Satin Tower and Cube! This sleek design invokes feelings of mystery, intrigue, and the wonder of gazing into the night sky, dreaming of a world beyond. Perhaps you dream of one day leaving Earth behind for a life among the stars, or maybe you’re just looking for a nice themed carrying case for your Rakdos deck. Either way, bring this along to your next Friday Night Magic gathering to ensure that you’ll have your opponents seeing stars.

Pink: Sugar, spice, and everything nice are the name of the game with the Pink Glitter Satin Tower and Cube! Deep down, everyone’s got a bit of a sweet tooth, and these fun, vibrant Deck Boxes are the perfect hit of saccharine sweetness to brighten up your day. You can almost hear the carnival barkers and smell the cotton candy while loading up your deck for whatever festivities lie ahead. Whatever deck you decide to bring along, at least you can be sure it’ll look prettier in pink!

Blue: Close your eyes and clear your mind. Envision yourself far away from the dreary doldrums of everyday life. You open your eyes on a beach, the sun shining down on you, a vast ocean stretched out in front of you as far as the eye can see. You gaze out at the crystal clear blue water, and the only thought to cross your mind is one of peace. The Blue Glitter Satin Tower and Cube are perfect for those looking to find their inner zen, or those who are just missing the waves lapping against the shore.

Clear: Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and sometimes just one color of the rainbow won’t do. The Clear Glitter Satin Tower and Cube are the perfect examples of canvas and paint; the clear finish lets the multicolored glitter throughout shine, with each Cube and Tower becoming their own unique works of art. With an individuality all their own, the only tough choice to make is which deck you want to bring along inside the case. 

Whether you’re feeling starstruck in Black, pretty in Pink, peaceful in Blue or distinctively Clear, any of these Satin Towers or Cubes will be sure to bring a sparkle and shine to your next TCG gathering!

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