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Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Still feeling some leftover remorse over your long-deceased Tamagotchis or those Neopets you never fed? You’re in luck, because a new wave of Figurines of Adorable Power are now available for adoption, and they are adorably low maintenance! These scary-cute critters are ready and waiting to find their Forever Realms, and all they need is your love (and maybe a brain or two to devour). Which of these lovable beasts is the right one for you? Read more about them below!

Silver Dragon

This iridescent cutie is sweet as can be! A true lap dragon, this creature loves to be rubbed under their horns and may let out a cute purring noise when they’re happy. The silver dragon is friendly to humans and elves, and gets along well with other dragons. Be careful though, as this critter is crazy for human food and may steal the fries right off your plate. Silver dragons live approximately 4,200 years, and tend to become bonded to their owner, so please keep this in mind when considering adoption. Side note: the figurine does not actually purr, but it would have been really cool!

Mind Flayer

If you’re looking for a loyal companion, look no further! The Mind Flayer will always stay by your side, and it may or may not be because it wants to eat your brain. Mind Flayers are highly intelligent, and can perform a number of tricks, including telekinesis, levitation, and even teleporting to other planes of existence! They love water, and do best in the Far Realm or Underdark. Keep your Mind Flayer moist with a spray bottle, and consider wearing a helmet to bed to protect your sweet, juicy brain.

Displacer Beast

It may be lawful evil, but the Displacer Beast is ready to give you all of its love! Give them a scratch on their spiky, horned tentacles and they will be your buddy for life. Their ability to bend light to appear several feet from their real position makes them excellent hunters, and they will keep your property free of pesky rats and orcs, although it can make them a little hard to locate when it comes time to groom them or give them medication. This six-legged feline does best as an only pet, and does not get along well with other monstrosities, especially Blink Dogs. Fully litter trained and microchipped.

Alhoon Mind Flayer

The Alhoon Mind Flayer needs more care and attention than a regular Mind Flayer, due to its difficult past. Rejected from regular society, this Alhoon turned to partial lichdom, which leads it to have drier skin, and also a more deviant personality. Their powerful arcane abilities can make them a handful, but with a little patience (and some tasty leeches to snack on), they can be tamed into a faithful and only-slightly deadly companion. Will you be the one to rescue this poor, undead outcast in need? 

Miirym Spirit Dragon

Miirym is a special dragon. Found pacing the lonely passages under Candlekeep, Miirym has spent a long lifetime bound to protecting its tunnels from intruders, as well as returning the books of travelers to its shelves. She is a gentle Silver Dragon looking for a safe home to spend her remaining days in peace, and may even collect all the books in your house into a hoard from natural instinct. Miirym does well with children, and would make an excellent guide dragon with a little training!  

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