Roll for Nostalgia with Red and White Dice for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

Written by Kevin Slackie

The heavy metal TTRPG dice you love from Ultra PRO are getting an UPgrade! The Red and White sets are a wonderful throwback to the first Dungeons and Dragons book, though now with the iconic D&D ampersand and some added sophistication that feels like a natural evolution of your childhood memories. Timeless designs like these never go out of style. Like a slightly worn moto jacket, these dice sets will keep looking cool for years to come. And of course these sets have every polyhedral you need for a perilous adventure.

This collection has dice to fit the needs of D&D fans at any level - whether you’re casting fireballs with our 4 x D6 sets, rolling with advantage with the 2 x D20 sets, or arriving prepared with the full poly 7 Dice sets. No matter which set you choose, the quality of the dice is apparent from the moment you hold them in your hands. The material gives them a satisfying weight and allows the polyhedrals to roll across the tabletop with a rumble that’s sure to please any RPG player. Be the envy of your party when they see these Heavy Metal dice.

If you prefer your dice to be on the softer side, we also have plush D20s to boot! The D20 Plush Dice Bags hold up to 50 polyhedrals while remaining soft enough to use as a pillow during a short rest. The carabiner style hook allows these bags to travel easily, making them perfect for transporting even the most precious shiny, clacky math rocks. 

Now for our Chaotic Good friends, we make the Jumbo D20 Plush just for you! With a fuzzy, fabric exterior and randomized number layout, you can roll big or retire to the couch for a long rest. Either way, these big softies make for excellent (saving)throw pillows.

It’s super easy to feel nostalgic with these Red and White throwback dice. What was your first D&D adventure? Your first nat 20? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter with #UPYourGame

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