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Written by Reuben Bresler


We’ve all been there.

You’re ready to swing out with your team of tokens for the win, but you can’t remember whether your opponent’s Crystalline Giant got Lifelink last turn or not. You’ve exiled a number of creatures to your Eater of Virtue, but you cannot recall whether the one with Trample was exiled by your equipment or by your opponent’s removal spell. Your teammate’s Vadrok, Apex of Thunder has been Mutated upon so many times that even Godzilla would blush at the thought of so much alteration, and now it’s hard to tell what keywords it has now, versus what keywords it had in a previous game.

It’s all so complex! If only there was a clean, simple, easy, and beautiful way to keep track of all of those keywords that communicated the public information of the game without adding to the muss and fuss of a cluttered tabletop…

Well, now there is: introducing Keyword Counters from Ultra PRO!

Represent your boardstate clearer than ever before with these delicious dodecahedrons (reminder: no matter how good they look, do not eat the dice)! Each die is finished with the same marble finish as our popular Planeswalker Loyalty counter dice, with high quality inking and debossing of the facet symbols for maximum readability and clarity. The Keyword Counter dice utilize the same symbols for Magic keywords as is seen on Magic Arena, and are printed corresponding to the 12 most commonly used keywords and keyword counters in Magic: The Gathering. Now you and your friends will easily be able to decipher whether a Leapfrog has leapt, whether a Dwarven Berserker has berserked, and what exactly is going on with that Soulflayer or Cairn Wanderer across the table without issue!

Included in each box are five 22mm marble-finished 12-sided Keyword Counter dice, corresponding to the five colors of Magic: The Gathering, and a translator sheet of keyword symbols for quick reference. The faces of each die clearly and distinctly show +1/+1 and -1/-1 on two facets, as well as the universally known and loved symbols for Deathtouch, First Strike, Flying, Hexproof, Indestructible, Lifelink, Menace, Reach, Trample, and Vigilance on the remaining ten sides!

With the addition of Keyword Counters from Ultra PRO, you can elevate your tabletop to the next level without breaking the bank (or your brain) trying to keep track of all of the information that comes with a game of Standard, Modern, Commander, or any of your other favorite Magic formats. In the blink of an eye, you and your friends can easily tell which creatures have which abilities, and better communication invariably leads to a better play experience.

MTG is a complicated game, and boards can get cluttered and confusing. Cut through the confusion quickly and cleanly with Keyword Counters from Ultra PRO!

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