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Written by Sara Cate Galasso

The new Vivid collection of gaming accessories has arrived, and it lives up to its colorful name! With bright, bold shades and premium materials, this array of deck boxes, binders, and dice sets has everything you need to show your true colors! Store and organize your cards, take your decks on the go, or play RPGs all night long with friends, all while showing off your unique sense of style. Whether you organize your cards according to your own particular taste— a yellow deck box for your electric-themed Pokémon TCG deck!— or like to keep things in line with gameplay— a binder for each color of the MTG color wheel— how you play with color can say a lot about you!  With a rainbow of options to choose from, you can mix and match according to your card collection, your current D&D character, or just your own personal style. The world is your coloring book, so fill it in with Vivid accessories! Let’s take a closer look at all the new color choices, and learn more about what your favorite says about you.


Blue, Light Blue, or Teal 

Even though blue is sometimes associated with melancholy or sadness, it can also represent the strength of water, the endless possibilities of a clear blue sky, or the imposing awe of a mountainous skyline. If blue is your favorite color, you are probably a loyal friend, who will always be there when someone is in need. You have a calming effect on others, and are regarded as honest and reliable. When it comes to gaming, you have a consistent style that is hard to shake. You may not attract a lot of attention with your straightforward gameplay, but that makes your wins all the more satisfying! 


Green is commonly equated with growth and harmony, like a meadow of grass, a calm and glassy mountain lake, or the quiet safety of a redwood forest. If you gravitate towards green, you tend to be generous and hopeful. You are most at ease when everyone is relaxed and feeling good too, and you can often inspire others with your confidence and ability to stay cool under pressure! Your gaming style often favors healing moves, working in collaboration, and defensive strategies, but that doesn’t mean people should let their guard down around you: you often enjoy great strokes of luck that help turn the game around in your favor!


A little bit magical and a whole lot mysterious, purple sparks creativity and imagination. Often linked to the unexpected, purple lovers always keep others guessing. If you favor purple, you have a self-assured air about you and know how to live the good life. Friends call you when they want to enjoy a fancy meal together, or a luxurious night out. Your presence alone often causes people to divulge their innermost thoughts and secrets, which translate well to gameplay: you can make your opponents reveal their true intentions without realizing, which can lead you to form new strategies on the fly and earn surprising wins.


While sometimes equated with anger, red can also represent passion and energy, like an unchecked forest fire, or a garden filled with beautiful, thorny rose bushes. Those who love red are usually exciting and take their interests and beliefs very seriously. This leads red enthusiasts to be steadfast friends that root their friends on, as well as protecting them from any harm. Like creatures with poisonous features, red can signify danger and aggression, so watch out while playing with a fan of this color! Gamers who love red usually love offensive moves, big, bold attacks, and sweeping, aggressive strategies. 


Yellow is commonly seen as a color connected with optimism, cheerfulness and positivity. Like a sunny spring day after a long winter or a field of happy sunflowers, yellow can inspire enthusiasm and radiate a gentle energy. If you love yellow, you’re probably often the source of positivity in a group, offering words of encouragement and uplifting others when they need it most. Yellow represents warmth and care, and can even help with focus.  When playing games, yellow fans just want to have fun. This clarity of mind can often lead to surprising gameplay, since the stakes are so low. If they win, all the better, but they are never sore losers. Yellow really did come here to make friends! 


The most mysterious and intense color of them all, black can sometimes feel intimidating or imposing, but its presence can also lead others to feel protected and secure. If you love black, everyone probably knows it. Fans of black are particular about their interests and hobbies, and only share them with people they can trust. Once someone gains that trust, though, they’ll have a solid friend for life. Black might seem hard to read, but it can actually have a great sophistication and elegance, and gamers who prefer black are quite clever, often winning using unexpected mechanics, and exploiting lesser-known rules to their advantage!

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