Sword Coast Dice Scroll Map for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

Written by Rueben Bressler

Humans have told stories together in a cooperative and improvisational style since time immemorial. From gathering around a fire to share with each other to Comedia d’Arte and theater games, collaborative storytelling has changed and evolved over time. Tabletop role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons are the next evolution in telling stories together, with dice and miniatures and a nice table taking the place of the stage or campfire.


Over the past fifty years advancements in accessory technology in the TTRPG space have been a boon to added excitement, comfort, and fun. Beautiful dice, crafted minis, artistic maps, dice towers, rolling trays, and more have triggered a renaissance of new and exciting ways to enhance the storytelling.


A new breakthrough in TTRPG products is the dice scroll. A combination carrying case and soft surface, a dice scroll is a compact dual-purpose accessory perfect for gaming on the go. You’ll feel like an actual wizard with the new Deven Rue illustrated D&D Dice Scroll Map, and you’ll be the envy of your adventuring party as well.


Featuring gorgeous art from beloved fantasy mapmaker Deven Rue and constructed of only the best quality materials, this map features the well known and traveled map of Faerûn, including such famed locations as Waterdeep, the Sea of Swords, and Neverwinter. Best known as the cartographer behind Wildemount and Tal’Dorei of Critical Role fame, Deven Rue is the tabletop role playing game community’s preeminent map creator. Able to hold 20+ standard ROG dice and featuring a single-tie closure, this officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons dice storage case is the pinnacle of D&D accessorizing. Grab yours today before they run out!

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