PROducts You Don’t Want to Miss: Satin Towers & Satin Cubes


Ultra PRO’s Satin Tower has been a reigning fan favorite since it’s debut. Since it’s entrance into the world of collectible card games and TCG, the Satin Tower has been known for its snap-locking lid, sneaky lower dice tray, and most famously the ability to mix and match between colors. That’s right! Playing a Psychic/Water deck in Pokemon? You can take the top and bottom from our Hi-Gloss Amethyst and middle from Classic Satin Sky Blue to represent both colors! Rocking Abzan in Magic: The Gathering? Take a top from Hi-Gloss Emerald Satin Cube, middle from Specialty Ivory Crackle, and Bottom from Classic Satin Jet Black! BOOM! Customizable deck storage unlike any other.


Wondering what “Hi-Gloss” and “Specialty” mean in reference to Satin Tower? Let me explain! In stark contrast to our Classic Satin matte finish, the Hi-Gloss brings a liquidesque shine to the Satin Tower, providing a bougier storage solution for your favorite decks and TCG cards. Grab your sunglasses and take a look at what we mean with our Fire, Ice, Amethyst, and upcoming Emerald Towers! 


We don’t stop at top-tier shine, however! Specialty finishes are where we really push the limits of injection mold finishing. With inspiration from every stretch of the internet, we bring your favorite prints (for better or worse) to the table with our Specialty Finishes for limited time runs. You may have seen our ever-popular Rainbow, Iridescent, Ivory Crackle, or Forest Oak Satin Towers, but the fun just DOES NOT STOP at Ultra PRO! We are bringing out the snackable version of the Rainbow finish winter 2021 with the Rainbow Satin Cube!


Continuing with the increasingly wild imagination of the Ultra PRO development team, you can bring the party wherever you play with the Satin Tower BOOMBOX! We almost can’t believe it either… but you can bump your favorite tunes, theme songs, or victory anthems directly from your Deck Box via bluetooth connection. Not in the mood to groove? The BOOMBOX also seconds as a portable charging port for your cell phone or small electronic devices. 


Show us how you Satin Tower with #UPyourgame on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

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