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Written by Sam Peagler 


Ultra PRO’s basic land series has always given Magic: The Gathering players products to show off their favorite colors and cards, and we’re always excited to introduce the newest version! 


When Theros: Beyond Death was released, we released the Celestial collection alongside it. Featuring art from the beautiful full-art lands of the set, the Celestial collection gave players a way to own accessories that matched the amazing art of Theros. Now, with the rotation of standard, the sun is setting on the plane of Theros and the Ultra PRO Celestial collection is reaching its end alongside it. But exciting things are on the horizon! Replacing the Celestial theme in our evergreen MTG basic lands product line is Mana 7! Mana 7 brings new and exciting features to Ultra PRO products that have never been seen before. 


So what is coming with the new Mana 7 series? 

Mana 7 Swamp Standard Gaming Playmat for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Playmats: Featuring stylized versions of the five Magic: The Gathering basic land types, these mats are non-slip with soft tops for a smooth, non-shifting play surface. Measuring 24 in. by 13.5 in, these playmats make a great gaming or office accessory. Show off your favorite color in style when you’re battling it out!


Mana 7 Forest Deck Protector Sleeves (100ct) for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Deck Protector® sleeves: The new Mana 7 sleeves bring a brand new feature to the Ultra PRO line! Metallic ink gives the sleeves a flashy look and highlights the new stylized art. We’ve been working on this one for a while, making sure it’s perfect for you, the player, and we’re excited to finally bring it to you! Just like all Ultra PRO art sleeves, these are made with ChromaFusion technology designed to prevent peeling and splitting. The matte finish provides a glare-free and camera-ready finish, making them perfect for both casual and competitive play. 

Mana 7 Plains 100+ Deck Box for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Deck Boxes®:

  • The Mana 7 line offers 100+ Deck Boxes® featuring stylized art of the five mana symbols, one for each color. Holding up to 100 double sleeved cards, these boxes feature a self-locking lid and rigid, archival-safe material to ensure your cards are safe in any environment. Whether you’re playing commander or your favorite 60 card format, these boxes have plenty of room, and even have room for tokens! Each box comes with one deck divider to keep cards organized (great for keeping your sideboard or tokens separate).
  • Updated for the Mana 7 line, the Alcove Flip now offers a debossed design with spot mirror accents. These eye-catching additions highlight the Mana 7 stylized mana symbol art. Holding up to 100 double-sleeved cards, these boxes have a strong magnetic closure to ensure your cards are safe. The dual thumb notches make for easy access to the deck. Created with UltraPRO’s signature durability, Alcove Flips can get bumped, dropped, and put through daily wear-and-tear, all while staying safe and secure. 

 Mana 7 Mountain Wall Scroll for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Wall Scrolls: These Wall Scrolls feature new Mana 7 art of each of the five iconic mana symbols. Each scroll measures approximately 26.8 in. x 37.4 in, making the scrolls perfect for decorating an office, home, or play space. An easily collapsible rod makes transporting the scrolls a breeze. 

Mana 7 is coming soon! We’re excited to bring these products to www.shop.ultrapro.com and your favorite local hobby store, and can’t wait for you to get your hands on them! If you still want products from the Celestial collection this is your last chance! Shop at Ultra PRO today, or at your favorite local game store while supplies last!

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