Nameplate Engraving Promotion Retires After 10 Years | Ultra PRO International

Launched in 2011, our nameplate engraving marketing activation quickly became one of our most popular mail-in promotions in our history of sports collectibles. We experienced such a positive response, we could not find it in our hearts to discontinue the program after the year we intended to run it for. We’d like to thank the awesome collectors who participated in the program. In 10 years, we engraved over 10,000 nameplates for collectors like yourself! We thank you for trusting Ultra PRO to be a part of preserving your memories and accomplishments through nameplate engraving. With that said, it is finally time to retire the program after 10 wonderful years. 

Any mail-in entries received after June 30th will be returned to the sender with a letter explaining the program has been cancelled, and their payment method voided. We appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to offering more relevant and interesting promotions for collectors in the future. You can stay connected by following Ultra PRO International on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or our online newsletter via We look forward to making space for new and relevant promotions in the years to come!

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