Black Border Multi-Card One-Touch | Ultra PRO International

Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Organization seems harder and harder to achieve these days. Most people aren’t good at it, and those who are tend to make it their entire personality (we see you, people with the white-on-white ‘minimalist apartments’ containing two pieces of furniture that somehow cost more than a college tuition).  Even if you don’t have a Marie Kondo-approved sock drawer, or you’ve started referring to your work inbox as ‘The Bad Place’, there is still one thing you will always have complete control over: displaying your collectable cards! It’s easy to feel like the master of grouping things with other things with a Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH from Ultra PRO. And who knows, maybe organizing all your favorite cards together on your wall could lead to reorganizing your closet by color and season, or finally tackling that meal-planning system you’ve always wanted to try! Are we saying making fun groupings of collectible cards can change your life irrevocably for the good? No, but we aren’t not saying it. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can group your favorite cards together with a Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH!

Two is a hard number to beat as far as iconic numerals go. Some of the best dynamic duos in history come in twos: Bonnie and Clyde, Han and Chewy, Bert and Ernie…Two makes for an indelible connection, an unbroken bond that lasts throughout the ages, and two collectible cards displayed side by side is no different! Sports collectors especially know how useful the 2-card ONE-TOUCH can be: the slide-in hinge and magnetic closure ensure that the rarest card in your collection is not only stored safely, but displayed beautifully as well. Obtain a second copy of your favorite player card and you can show off the front and back stats all in one place. Pair up a rookie card with a recent release, or arrange a base card next to the parallel insert version. However you display your cards, you can easily hang the ONE-TOUCH on your wall with the secure sawtooth hanger.

They say two is a party and three is a crowd, but we beg to differ. Three is just an even better party, with more flavors of chips and soda. Need more relevant pop-culture examples? Sure, okay! How about the Three Stooges, Charlie’s Angels, NBA’s famous Holiday Brothers, or…maybe your favorite Pokémon starter and its evolutions? Picture it: Charmander, Chameleon, Charizard— perhaps the greatest three Pocket Monsters ever created, gracing your walls in all their fiery orange glory, their evolutionary transformation from adorable baby lizard to epic flying dragon displayed as a daily reminder to always respect your humble beginnings. Great Pokémon trios don’t end with evolutionary lines, either. In fact, every Pokémon generation has its own special set of threes to choose from. From the very first legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres (or their amazing Galarian forms), to the famous Creation Trio Dialgia, Palkia and Giratina, it’s hard to choose a favorite threesome to show off in a ONE-TOUCH. Obviously, three is an important number in the Pokémon universe, since even the Partner Pokémon come in threes! Whatever generation holds the most memories for you, it’s easier than ever to capture that nostalgia (and hang it on your wall!) with a Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH. (And honestly, name a more iconic threesome than Jessie, James and Meowth. We’ll wait.)

Magic: The Gathering fans, you haven’t been forgotten.  Fours and fives are for you. Are we running out of probably-unnecessary pop culture examples of great groupings? NEVER! In fact, they just keep getting better! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Golden Girls, The Fantastic Four? Perfection. What about the gang from Scooby Doo, or The Power Rangers, or even the Spice Girls?! Groups of five, and forever fabulous. So how does any of this tie into Magic? Just wait. When it comes to displaying groups of your favorite collectible cards, the number combos just add to the fun, with almost endless possibilities. How about a nod to a MTG playset, displaying a single card in four different editions? Or, a tribute that forever immortalizes your signature never-losing deck, like the now-banned infinite-mana generating combo based around Krark-Clan Ironworks? Or, you can always play favorites based just on card art alone! Show off a complete set of Secret Lair cards like the artistic status symbol it is! Picture it: a room filled with fun pops of bright color invoking retro 90’s hip-hop culture, complete with a full Prime Slime collection safely displayed on the wall. It’s so beautiful, it almost brings us to tears. (In your face, hypothetical ‘minimalist decor’ people from three paragraphs ago!). The combinations you can make with a 4- and 5-Card ONE-TOUCH are almost as endless as the decks you can build and play in Magic, so go crazy! Your new status as Organizer Extraordinaire grants you many privileges, the main of which is a fresh-as-heck lookin’ room full of awesome Magic cards on the wall.

The grouping fun doesn’t have to end there, though. Have you ever looked at the number five, and thought “what if there was just…one…more”? Or maybe, in your secret, wildest fantasies, you imagined a number that was like six, but with three more? Your days of yearning are over, friend, for two new Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH options have been added to the mix. With a 6- and 9-Card ONE-TOUCH, your newly discovered organizational universe expands into a rich tapestry of grouping and numbers and card collecting that the human mind could scarcely have imagined before. It’s a veritable card-displaying extravaganza up in here! Build out your ideal team of six Pokémon by type, or color, or theme! How about a team of cute food-adjacent Pokémon to adorn a kitchen wall, or six water-type Pokémon that would look perfectly at home inside a breezy beachside retreat? Crazy about Eeveelutions? The 9-Card ONE-TOUCH was practically built for them, with a spot for each plus Eevee, that iconic example of adaptability itself. Baseball fans will be just as overjoyed, as they can now display their favorite team in full, or even create a fantasy team with nine of their best-loved players! Heck, even fringe collections are at home in a ONE-TOUCH of any size! Vintage Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, obscure trading cards from a long-forgotten 80’s action flick that only you were a fan of? Signed cards, holographic cards, factory-promo-misprint-vending-machine cards…even handmade original character cards made by your bestie for your birthday? If it’s 2.5” by 3.5”, it belongs in a Multi-Card ONE-TOUCH and on your wall! 

Phew. We’re getting excited. There’s just something about groupings of cards that really get us going. Can you blame us though? All these different ONE-TOUCH options are pretty great, and wherever you choose to hang them will be great, too. So forget those trendy books about getting your chaotic life in gear through organizers and strict schedules. Stick some cool cards on your wall, and everything else will sort itself out.
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