The boost you need for storing unopened booster card packs

Written by Sara Cate Galasso 

Looking to boost the protection for your favorite booster packs? Whether you’re storing rare, unopened packs to retain their value, or just want to enjoy the often overlooked art on a card wrapper you’ve long since opened and enjoyed, there’s a new way to preserve your favorite booster packs, with the UV Magnetic ONE-TOUCH! This ONE-TOUCH was designed specifically to fit standard sealed card packs from all the games you love, including Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh. No more buying three different kinds of tarot-sized card sleeves, pages and binders to slip your booster packs into. With a ONE-TOUCH, you get the booster protection you need without the fuss (or screwdriver)!

For those that collect vintage, unopened booster packs, first of all: we applaud your self-control! The desire to tear into a vintage pack can be powerful. The ever-present thought in the back of your head that a super rare card might be hiding inside can be almost painful to ignore, and yet, you resist. Go you! Reward your immense willpower with the peace of mind that comes with storing your packs inside of a ONE-TOUCH! Made using non-PVC materials and UV-blocking additives, you can rest assured your booster pack will retain its pristine condition while on display. You may always wonder what cards may be hiding inside your pack, but you’ll never have to wonder if it’s safe from light or dust!

Even if you are a mere mortal like the rest of us and opened your rare or limited-edition booster pack, that’s okay! You can store an opened pack for display, too. In fact, your booster might be even more special to you if you found something amazing inside! Maybe you get more use out of the cards you found inside by actually playing with them, but still want to preserve the memory of their former glory. It’s just a plastic wrapper to some, but not to you! To you it has meaning. Just looking at it might bring you joy, and the memory of opening up something long since retired or lost to time is worth more than keeping it unopened. We say: celebrate your perfectly human inclination to enjoy things while you can! Cards are meant to be played with, after all. Even if you couldn’t take the pressure and opened your booster because you couldn’t stand the suspense, we won’t tell. Put the cards back inside, throw it all into a ONE-TOUCH, and no one will be the wiser. Your secret is safe with us, and it’s secured with slide-in hinges and a magnetic closure for easy access.

Whatever your booster card pack means to you, keep it safe and secure inside a ONE-TOUCH magnetic booster pack holder.

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