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Written by Heather Myers

Tell us you love board games without telling us you love board games, we’ll go first: we created a board game out of the popular #TellMeChallenge trend on social media! 

This multi-player, fast-paced game is for three to twelve players ages 12 and up. 

There are two ways to play this hilariously fun party game. Challenge yourself and your friends OR play together to see if you can beat your previous high score! 

Competitive Mode

In competitive mode, start by placing the board in the middle of the table. Each player chooses a token and places it on the #Start area of the board. Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile next to the board, with the card cover board on top. Place the dice near the board. A smart phone or device will be needed as a timer (and also to be used in game play), as well as a pen/pencil. 

The player who most recently posted to social media goes first, and rolls both dice. 

The blue die indicates how the active player will need to tell the other players something without telling them while the red die indicates how many seconds are allowed to complete the challenge.

Then the active player will draw a card and read it while keeping the challenge to themselves. When the active player is ready they say “I’m going to tell you without telling you... GO!” , On “GO!” The timer is started (for the specified number of seconds on the TimeDie) and the active player tries to get the other players to guess what they are trying to tell them without telling them in the method directed on the Challenge Die.

Players try to continually guess the answer. Once a player guesses correctly, they move their token forward on the board. The Active Player who gave the clue also gets to move 1 space.If the players were unsuccessful in guessing the answer conveyed by the Active Player, that is the end of the turn and the Active Player position rotates clockwise. Play continues in this manner until a player’s token reaches the #Finish area of the board. 

The player that reaches the area first is the #TellMeChallengeWinner and should immediately brag about it on their social media platform of choice!

Cooperative Mode

Want to play with your friends together as a team? In cooperative mode, you’ll play with your friends against the deck! Play the game the same as you would in competitive mode, but this time if you do not guess correctly, the deck moves forward on the board.

Video Chat Rule-ette

Can’t get the gang all together, or prefer to play socially distanced? No problem, just make sure your group has some honest players! 

The owner of the game hosts the video chat and rolls the dice on the active player’s behalf. Once the time and method dice have both been rolled, the host announces the time and method challenge type and announces they will be drawing a Challenge Card. All players must then close their eyes while the host holds the card up to the camera WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE CARD.

The host counts to 10 out loud while the active player studies the challenge card. At the count of 10, the host announces “10”, hides the card so they cannot see the challenge, and the players prepare to guess. (Note, if the method of challenge is the phone picture, this can be done by sharing screen AFTER the active player has chosen the image so that their search terms are not seen by the guessing players.) 

Scoring is handled by the host player who shows the board after each round of guessing so that all players are aware of how the game is progressing.

Bring the #TellMeChallenge to your next family game night or group party!

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