Homecoming: Celebrating 30 Years of Magic on Dominaria | Ultra PRO International

Written by Sara Cate Galasso


As the OG plane, Dominaria contains by far the richest history—and thus the greatest familiarity— within the world of Magic: The Gathering. Dominaria holds such significance that the Serra Angels refer to it as “The Wheel”, as events that happen there ripple out to affect other planes. It feels like home not only to all the legendary figures that have changed the course of its history throughout the millennia, but to Magic fans old and new, as well. With such an enormous tapestry of diverse lands, colorful creatures, mythic artifacts, and incredible magic weaving its history together, it's no surprise then that we should all return to this indomitable plane as we approach the 30th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering.  As the latest story arc within Dominaria unfolds, we meet up with all the legends, past and present, that have made this plane’s history so memorable across the decades, including fan favorites and even some unexpected stars. To celebrate this homecoming, we wanted to highlight some of the most loved characters that have called Dominaria home throughout its history, and immortalize them within tabletop accessories that make it easy for you to show off your love and nostalgia for this legendary realm! It’s your home too, after all, and there’s no feeling in the world like returning home after a long journey. 

The Planeswalkers of Dominaria have fought hard over the millenia to keep this irreplaceable plane safe, but there never seems to be a shortage of foes who want to bring it to its knees in one wicked way or another.  Whether you find yourself rooting for the ‘good guys’, or revel in the chaos and destruction, there’s a tabletop accessory for you. If you’re a fan of Phyrexian domination, the Sheoldred PRO-Binder perfectly depicts this fearsome praetor in all her half-flesh, half-machine (and all scary) glory! If you’re more into the idea of justice prevailing, then you can rest easy knowing your cards are protected inside a PRO-Binder featuring the newly reformed Coalition— made up of Jhoda, Karn and Shanna, with the stately starship Weatherlight soaring through the skies behind them. Each binder has side-loading pockets and an elastic strap closure to keep your cards secure, whether you're fighting off Phyrexian monstrosities or commanding them. 

When it comes to storytelling, the more complex a character, the better. It makes sense that the famous figures from Dominaria’s storied past are all packing personal baggage, inner demons and murky morals galore wherever they travel. If you identify at all with Magic’s legendary Planeswalkers, it’s not because of their magic abilities, but rather the struggles they continually face and how they each react to them; sometimes with grace and humor, and occasionally by making really, really bad decisions. Whether it’s the fiercely loyal Ajani with his sudden, shall we say, personality change, Karn, with his struggle to stay true to himself despite his past, Lilliana, the Planeswalker with perhaps the messiest history in all of Dominaria, or Jaya, the fiery Pyromancer nearing the end of her journey, there’s no shortage of internal struggle or character growth amongst them. Who better then, to grace the new Deck Protector Sleeves, protecting your precious collectible cards like they’ve all fought to defend Dominaria from corruption throughout history? Each set of 100 Deck Protector Sleeves features art of each of these four celebrated figures, equipped with ChromaFushion Technology to prevent peeling and keep your cards safe from any dangerous demons, inner or otherwise. Stow your cards inside a matching Deck Box for double the protection and storage, and you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way, whether it be hoards of compleated Phyrexian monstrosities dripping oil and blood, or errant snack dust during a rowdy game night. Grab a pack of Card Dividers to add even more flair to your collection, with each 26-Divider pack donning an array of familiar creatures and mythic figures from throughout the Magic card game universe.

Dominaria has seen its fair share of world-altering incidents through the centuries. Wars, invasions, ice ages, floods, rifts…you name it and Dominaria has survived it, usually in part due to the large cast of diverse and powerful characters that called it home, all of whom have sworn to protect its many lands and the creatures within it. If you’re looking for an accessory as big and diverse as Dominaria itself, try the new Table Playmats, sized to cover your entire tabletop surface! In 6- or 8-foot options, this mighty playmat expands across the land (or your kitchen table) to protect as well as dazzle! Featuring beautiful stained glass art representing each of the 5 Basic Lands— Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest—these mats not only look great, but keep everything in its place too, with non-slip rubber backing to minimize shifting during use. Looking for some of that stained-glass elegance for your favorite Dominaria characters? A huge new array of regularly-sized 24” Playmats are now available, with fan-favorites like Squee, Braids, and Coalition Members Jhoira and Jhodah depicted in the same folkloric stained-glass art style in a soft, fabric top. If you’re in need of some more bad-guy representation, don’t worry: Sheoldred and Raven-Man make their playmat debut as well, for those who secretly want to see the baddies win for a change. Even Zur reappears again for part of the action on his own playmat! Need a little more luxury in your tabletop gaming experience? The Stitched Playmat, with art representing the struggle between Karn and the newly compleated Ajani, hands both outstretched in an attempt to save—or destroy!-- Dominaria, features stitched edges all the way around for a premium feel. With so many playmats to choose from, each displaying a unique inhabitant or world from within Dominaria, it’s easy to see why this fabled plane and its long history have kept fans coming back for more, year after year.

No matter your connection to the MTG universe, there’s no escaping that Dominaria holds an enduring place within every fan’s heart. The story, the characters, the card, the art you love has an undeniable tie to this renowned plane, and that’s why there’s no better place to return to for a celebration of Magic’s 30-year anniversary. Here’s to thirty more years of fun, excitement and gathering together to create magic memories that will last a lifetime.

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