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Written by Sara Cate Galasso

No matter what age you were or which generation you started playing with, you never forget your First Partner Pokémon! They were often the first sneak peak that got you hyped for a brand new Generation, and selecting an adventure companion is the first important decision you make in every new game.

Everyone has their own way of making this important selection, whether they pledge to pick grass type every time, or just go with whatever Pokémon looks the cutest.

Want to know your own Pokémon-Picking Style? Take the quiz below to find out!

  1. You were just given a week off for a much-needed vacation. Which Pokémon region will you spend it at?
    1. A secluded cabin in the Sinnoh mountains. I want some peace and quiet to take a nature hike in Mount Coronet, read a book by the fire, and watch the snow falling outside.
    2. A busy beachside resort in Alola! I love splashing in the waves and lying in the sun.
    3. A big, bustling city in Unova! I want to stay out late dancing, trying new foods and meeting new people!
  2. It’s almost dinner time and you still don’t have any idea what to do. How do you make up your mind?
    1. Eat at the same place you always go to, so you know what to expect.
    2. Look up restaurants online and pick one based on other people’s reviews (and their perfectly curated food pics)
    3. Check the fridge for ingredients and make up a new tasty dish from scratch!
  3. Pick a signature Pokémon move:
    1. Giga Drain: moves that also restore HP keep you safe in battle!
    2. Surf: a solid choice that also doubles as a way to get around!
    3. Flamethrower: maximum power, maximum heat!!!
  4. Your friend needs help getting ready for an important event! What do you do?
    1. Go through their closet and pick something that you would wear (you do have great taste, after all). 
    2. Take your friend out shopping to find the perfect new outfit! (after asking all the details, of course: is there a dress code? are you giving a speech? what will everyone else be wearing?!)
    3. Easy! Have them pick their top three choices, close their eyes, and choose one by spinning around and pointing. 
  5. What’s your favorite part of playing a new Pokémon game?
    1. Catching and collecting every single Pokémon to complete my Pokédex
    2. I love exploring the beautiful new world and seeing where the story takes me!
    3. Battle! Gimme new battle mechanics, new moves, new ways to become the very best!


Mostly A’s: Grass Type - The Steadfast

Like a tree that grows slowly but steadily through the years, you always make the same choice. Maybe you picked Treecko as your very first Partner and wanted to continue the grass-type tradition ever since, or you just love knowing exactly what moveset to expect when you start out. Whatever the reason, you vow to select the same type of First Partner Pokémon every time, regardless of how it looks or what kind of creature it may evolve into. Dependable and predictable, like the changing of the seasons, that’s the best method for you!

Mostly B’s: Water Type - The Logical

There are a lot of factors at play when selecting a First Partner Pokémon, and you don’t make the decision lightly!  Like flowing water, you follow a predictable path, but your movements can be swayed depending on the environment. Which type will have the best EVs?  Will it evolve into something cool-looking and strong later on? Will it have a good moveset? What is everyone else picking? Should you go with something you wouldn’t normally choose to mix it up, or should you pick the strongest option? Decisions are hard, but like the ocean controlled by the tides, you always end up exactly where you need to be every time. 

Mostly C’s: Fire Type - The Emotional

When it comes to picking a First Partner, you don’t worry yourself with details. Whatever you’re feeling when the time comes, your passion will guide you like the burning flame on a Charmander’s tail! You pick based on design, you pick based on type, you pick by closing your eyes and choosing at random. Chaos reigns in your heart, and you like it that way! You won’t be held down by type constraints or hypotheticals, you go where the wind takes you, like a brushfire across the plains! You’re just excited to be here, and to have a faithful Pokémon companion to battle with.

Whether you pick your first Pokémon based purely on heart, or you deep-dive into the nitty gritty of game stats, there’s good news for you: they are all featured in the new First Partner Pokémon Accessory Bundle.

Yep, you read that right: for the first time, we’ve featured every single First Partner— from Bulbasaur to Sobble and every Pocket Monster in between— in an accessory bundle, perfect for playing Pokémon the Trading Card Game!

Bring the nostalgia of choosing your Poké-companions to the table with the new First Partner-themed playmat, full-view Deck Box and 65 matching deck-protector sleeves, featuring every First Partner character across the bottom border, and a repeating pattern of Type icons throughout. The included storage box itself holds over 700 cards too, so you can fit your favorites across every generation!

Play Pokémon TCG in style while you reminisce about your favorite Pokémon Gens! And always remember: however you choose your favorites, what matters most is having fun!

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