Becoming a MTG Cube PRO | Ultra PRO International

Written by Reuben Bresler 

Ah, The Cube. What once began as a grab bag of old cards from formats past has evolved into a premier way to play MTG, having been included as an official format in several World Championships and as a beloved part of Magic Online and Arena. In the time since Magic: The Gathering’s creation, no way to play the world’s most popular trading card game has encapsulated the mystique and provenance of MTG’s history as The Cube.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Cube is the name given to any curated collection of cards meant to be drafted over and over again. Many games have Cubes now, from old and discontinued games like Kaijudo and Versus System, to deckbuilders like the DC Deckbuilding Game. But the most widely known, and the original, is from Magic: The Gathering. And even within Magic there are variations, such as Vintage Cube, Legacy Cube, Peasant Cube (using only commons and uncommons), and many more. These collections of cards are often designed with a pod of drafters in mind, with enough individual cards to cover every participant’s draft pool with some extras left over for randomness. Typically this means a 360-card or 540-card cube, though larger or smaller or anything in between are all common.

One factor that all cubes share is storage as an issue. Cubes engender a sense of local community, and weekly cube nights are a common way for friends to get together and share in some casual battles for bragging rights. Particularly for cubes with more expensive game pieces, like a Black Lotus in a Vintage cube or a particularly rare foil or misprint, cubes are often extremely valuable in both a sentimental as well as monetary sense. The fact that cards are handled often, being drafted and played over and over again, means this can lead to wear and tear.

Another difficulty as it comes to cubes is creation of new packs. As a curated card list designed to be enjoyed dozens of times, it can sometimes be difficult to organize new packs for the next draft. The complexity of variables, such as number of players in a pod or number of cards in a pack or even number of total packs adds to confusion when there’s no clear borders and boundaries between the cards.

What’s a cube enthusiast to do? Introducing: PRO 15+ Card Boxes!

Never again will cube owners and players have to worry about security, organization, and safety thanks to PRO 15+ Card Boxes. Each box holds 15 double-sleeved cards, has a 2-piece design of one vertical and one horizontal piece, and each order comes with 3 total boxes which is enough for one drafter at your table! These thin boxes are the same footprint as other Ultra PRO products such as the 80+ Deck Boxes and Matte Sleeves, to allow for ease of storage and convenience. These sleek, rigid packs are easily able to be used for redrafting TCGs, replaying with MTG Jumpstart, keeping collectibles safe, or even holding business cards in a pinch!

If your Cube is your pride and joy, take the best care of it you can at every moment, including during the draft, with PRO 15+ Card Boxes!