Colors and Clamps

Written by Matthew Burwell

Creating a Character for your Dungeons & Dragons game is no small affair. From writing out an intricate backstory, to describing their feats and flaws and everything in between, every step is integral to crafting a character that is wholly and uniquely your own. Are you a war-hardened Fighter, seeking out the nefarious villain who destroyed your hometown? Perhaps a lovable bard, enthralling townsfolk with songs of your heroism? Maybe you’re a Barbarian, haphazardly battling their way through the world’s most dangerous pub crawl. Whatever you decide, your character is the culmination of the choices you make, a sum total of every ounce of work that goes into crafting a character you love.

Character creation, however, does not have to stop when the character sheet is filled out. Websites like Hero Forge and Eldritch Foundry have made it easier than ever before to craft a Miniature of your character, a physical representation of the character you’ve created, in order to bring them to life. But the customization doesn’t stop there; these figures usually arrive cast in unpainted, flat gray plastic- a blank canvas, begging to be filled in. A gentle reminder that the creation process is never over.

You WILL want to paint this miniature; it’s only natural, everything looks better in color. But newcomers to the miniature painting scene will find no shortage of obstacles to overcome. Which paints do I choose? How do I add texture or details? How do I paint this thing without coating my fingers in paint, and how do I keep it safe after it’s done?! That’s where this Character Clamp comes in.

The Ultra PRO Character Clamp is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to paint without the mess, and display without stress. The 22mm base is spring loaded, so snapping the figure into place and leaving it stable while you paint is a breeze. No more accidentally smearing paint with your fingers as you go; the solid base will hold the piece in place as you paint, allowing you to work without worry. After the paint is dry and the character is finally ready for play, the magnetically secured storage closure ensures that it remains safe during travel, so you can bring it with you to your game without incident- trust me, nothing hurts worse than spending hours painting a miniature, only to have the head break off in transit (Shoutout to Artemis- You were a cool character, even if your miniature no longer had a head. My bad.)

Finally, the Character Clamp makes for a fantastic display for characters whose journey’s have come to an end. There’s nothing as gratifying as completing a full campaign with the same character- seeing their journey, watching them grow and evolve as people, form bonds and relationships with their party, and save the world… there’s nothing like it. The Ultra PRO Character Clamp, with its clear storage container, ensures that your miniature is always secure on your shelf, gone but never forgotten. While the campaign may end, the memories will never fade.

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