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Wrriten by Sara Cate Galasso

Whether it’s a long and cold winter or just a lackluster day that’s got you down, sometimes you need a little warmth in your life. If you’re searching for the motivation to finish your to-do list, or you just feel a little gray from too many gray skies, there’s one sure-fire way to light a fire under yourself: channel a fire-type Pokémon! Pokémon that harness the power of fire and heat are strong, boisterous and full of life. Taking a page from their fiery playbook can help motivate you and get you moving, whether the push you need is physical, mental, or a little of both! So crank up the heat, grab a steamy beverage, and settle in for four easy ways to fire yourself up like a fire type Pokémon! 

Let There Be Light

If you’re struggling to get up in the morning, introduce a little light into your life; literally! Sleeping in a completely dark room is a must for a lot of people, but it can backfire when the sun can’t reach us in the morning for a natural wake-up call. Regardless of sleeping pattern or preferences, most humans are wired to wake up naturally with the rising of the sun, so eliminating this ancient morning rhythm can make getting out of bed a lot harder. Consider getting a sunrise alarm clock, which mimics a natural sunrise using a lamp that slowly increases in brightness for a more gentle alarm experience. As soon as you’re awake, turn on another lamp or open the curtains to increase the chance that you’ll stay awake and not hit snooze again. You can also incorporate the concept of faux sunlight throughout the day with a happy light! These lamps are designed to mimic the natural sunlight we all need to feel good, especially in the gray days of winter that already have less daylight hours. Of course, a well-trained Charizard might be able to mimic these electronic devices for you, but it’s always best to keep a fire extinguisher on hand all the same.

Turn Up The Heat

Feeling a little ice-olated? Whether it’s wintery weather or just a sense of loneliness that’s creeping in to chill you, despair not. A good hot meal or warm beverage could be just the ticket! Enough already with the cold pizza leftovers and keeping to yourself: nothing warms your soul faster than sharing a meal with a friend or family member! Host a baking party with friends and see who can make the silliest Pokémon-themed cookies. Learn a new recipe to cook dinner for your parents (it’s only fair after all those great homemade meals they made for you!). Or, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and check out a nearby restaurant together. Even something as simple as making tea to share with someone can spread warmth faster than a Salazzle can boil water with its flame-spewing palm. A hot meal or warm drink not only nourishes your body, but it can nourish your spirit, too! Even if you’re alone, treat yourself to something warm and made from scratch. You deserve it!

Smoke and Mirrors

If you’ve really not been feeling it lately, it can be hard to remember your worth. One easy way to combat this is a surprisingly simple trick: stare at yourself in the mirror and say something nice to yourself. It doesn’t have to be about your looks. Say “you are such a kind friend to everyone!” or: “you worked really hard today” or even “you look amazing in that sweater!”. Anything that is kind and true will work. Keep saying that nice thing over and over again. Repeat it a lot until you start to believe it. It might feel silly, but the more you do it, the easier it gets! Another trick is to smile at yourself in the mirror, and stand in a really powerful stance, like a superhero. Sure, you’ll feel ridiculous at first, but adapting the body language of someone who does have it all figured out can actually make you feel that way yourself! If you need more motivation, think about the smoke-spouting Pokémon, Torkoal. Torkoal burns coal from within its shell to generate the power it needs. If you feel like you need more drive, start from within! The strength will carry through to the rest of you.

Hot To Trot

It can get annoying to hear the same advice given over and over again if you’re not feeling up to snuff. Everyone and their mother recommends the same thing: exercise. Yeah, yeah. It’s certainly not a new concept, but it prevails as one of the most straightforward, for good reason: moving your body really is one of the best ways to feel fired up. Even if you hate exercise, there are easy ways to trick yourself into it. Take a walk to the coffee shop or grocery store instead of driving there. Try a motion-based game that makes it feel more fun (Pokémon GO anyone?). Play a sport with a friend in the park, like frisbee golf or basketball. Or try something new you’ve always been curious about! (Do you think Alolan Marowak might teach us how to spin a flaming baton like that?!) If simply looking for new species of plants in your neighborhood is enough to get you going, then that’s really all it takes. A little physical activity every day feels much better than sitting around on the couch, we promise. Plus, that extra energy can feel like taking an EXP Boost. The more you do it, the greater the benefit! So maybe mom was right after all. 

However you incorporate warmth into your life, feeling the heat is a lot easier when you channel Fire-Type Pokémon! Whatever you’re passionate about, let that fire propel you towards things that make you feel happy, warm, and fulfilled. The more you burn from within, the more light you will radiate on the outside.

Want to surround yourself with even more fiery friends? Then grab a gaming accessory from the Pokémon Gallery Series: Scorching Summit collection! Featuring a blaze of glorious Fire-Type Pokémon, these accessories are a perfect fit for fire fiends of all kinds.  Do more than just warm up with a game of Pokémon TCG, played with a Scorching Summit playmat featuring art of four favorite Fire Types. The Alcove Click Deck Box holds over 100 standard size double-sleeved cards and comes with four magnetic badges to swap out—featuring Charizard, Salazzle, Torkoal, and Alolan Marowak—so your tabletop gaming can be as fire as you are. Radiate your inner flame while you game with Scorching Summit accessories!

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