Interior Decorating for Nerds: How to Embrace the Geek Chic Lifestyle

Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Nerds don’t always have the best reputation when it comes to home decor. How many gamers do you know that have the most thoughtfully researched, precisely curated streamer setup, while the rest of their room is just….a sad void with nothing but an unkempt mattress and cardboard box side table on the floor? Or, on the other end of the nerd-decor-scale, what about that anime-loving friend who has a complete wall-to-ceiling display of figures and plush and manga that dominates their entire living space in a way that makes it hard to even walk through a room? (Psst: it’s okay if you’re the friend in both scenarios). 

We’re here to tell you that there exists a happy medium between accidental gamer minimalism and obsessive fandom maximalism. Interior decor and nerdom can co-exist and it’s easier to achieve than you think! Here are some tips to elevate your space into the ultimate Geek Chic Nerd Nook!

Form, Function, Fandom

It’s not easy to find furniture pieces that look good but also function the way you need. The secret to adapting your nerd hobbies to your interior space is to customize and make objects work for you! Want to show off your collectables but don’t have room for yet another big display cabinet? Get a coffee table with a glass flip-top lid so you can create a visible display that protects your collectibles while also making use of space that is normally wasted! Need extra room at the dinner table for those long D&D sessions? Get a table with a leaf to expand your tabletop surface, or better yet, invest in a custom gaming table that features a convertible top and lots of storage for all your gaming accessories. Use your collections as a focal piece! You’ve spent so much time cultivating them, right? Instead of storing your scores of dice in bags or drawers, pile them in antique jars to serve as faux-crystal shelf decor! Whatever your budget, you can adapt existing pieces to increase functionality, or save up to buy furniture that’s specifically designed for your specific nerdy needs.

The Most Ambitious Crossover Decor In History 

Having a lot of fandoms can be hard to keep track of, but there’s always room to add more personality when you’re decorating! Start with some good main furniture pieces and then use your hobbies as decor inspiration! Take the bathroom, for example: a normally boring and utilitarian room can be easily upgraded with some cute convention-commissioned art and a matching shower curtain! Use the colors of your favorite water-type Pokémon as wallpaper inspo, or even channel your favorite D&D race to create a plant-filled, half-elf hideaway perfect for unwinding in. How about a cozy Hobbit-themed kitchen for second breakfast, or a guest bedroom styled after your favorite Nintendo game? Or, combine all your favorite franchises into one living area to create a fantastic mash-up of everything that makes you happy! Yes, Baby Yoda and Solid Snake can go together. In fact, we can’t imagine a better duo.

Keep It Cozy (and Cute!)

Adding some soft touches is the simplest way to make a plain space feel more like home. Renting and can’t change the paint color? No problem. Your bed is an easy place to add lots of personality! Find a custom-printed duvet featuring a pattern from your favorite fandom, and accent it with cute pillows or plushies. Use several different plush sizes and shapes for maximum visual interest, like the Jumbo Plush D20 Dice! It comes in a ton of fun colors to match any style, and is soft and squishable to add instant cozy to any corner. Pile them on a chair as a dicey decoration, or accent a sofa so you can have an easy decision-making tool close at hand when you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner. For example: rolling an even number means order delivery, and an odd means cook something at home! Bam, form and function in one squishy plush. What if your space is themed around a specific color and not just a fandom? Fear not! The Jumbo Plush D20 comes in eight great colors, to match scores of decor, including black, white, red, purple, green, blue, hot pink, and even a black version with rainbow numbers! Colorful, cuddly, plush, perfect. 

However you decide to decorate your space, don’t you dare hide your geek interests. Rather, embrace them! Make a space yours by filling it with what makes you happy, and prioritize your items to compliment your hobbies, instead of work against them. If you play board games every day, invest in cozy floor cushions so everyone can be comfortable playing on the coffee table! Have too many plushies? No you don’t! Display them in new ways that don’t detract from the function of a room, but add to it instead! You’re an adult, and the best part about being an adult (besides eating cake for dinner) is having the final say over your living space. Make it a reflection of you, and your passions will always shine through! 

Check out the Jumbo D20 Plush here!

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