Adventure Awaits: Defy the Elements with the Black Box!

Written by Sara Cate Galasso


Imagine: you’ve been tasked with transporting humanity’s rarest trading cards halfway across the world, through driving hail and harsh winds, across raging seas and snow capped mountains and dark, humid rainforests. That’s right: some mysterious client has tasked you with delivering all the highest-valued trading cards directly to their doorstep. And it’s not enough that they all arrive in one piece, no; it’s of the utmost importance that these precious cards stay pristine, no matter what weather conditions you might run into along the way. That motley collection of MVP’s are all here: Honus Wagner and Mickey Mantle, Holo Illustrator Pikachu, Spectral Tiger, Blue Eyes White Dragon; together they’re worth over a million dollars, and they’re all at the mercy of the elements, their destiny in your hands alone. What if they got dirty, or exposed to too much harsh sunlight? What if the plane you’re transporting them in nosedives into the ocean and they become lost to the ancient gods of the sea, angry at you for even daring to tempt fate in such a way? How could you possibly keep all these priceless trading cards out of harm's way?!

Okay, so maybe the above scenario is a little ridiculous. Maybe you’re not solely responsible for the delivery and wellbeing of all of the world’s rarest trading cards. But sometimes, transporting your own most treasured cards can feel just as perilous! Whether you’re traveling across continents or just down the street to the local game shop, you still want the same peace of mind that your favorite trading cards will always be kept safe and sound, no matter the distance. Luckily, there’s no better way to transport your own precious cargo than with the Black Box!

This is no ordinary deck box: the Black Box is a waterproof deck box with dual sealed latches and waterproof hinges, worthy of protecting your most valuable card collection. This stackable deck box holds up to 100 cards double-sleeved, so you can securely safeguard your sacred trading cards wherever the wind may take you. 

Have you always wanted to play Magic: The Gathering on your camping trips but your concerns about trail dirt and lake water made you leave your decks at home? No more! Grab your hiking boots, your camping chair, and your Commander Deck, because combining your indoor and outdoor hobbies has never been easier! The Black Box features 1PX7 rated protection from water, dirt and snow, so taking your game to the great outdoors is no longer a gamble whose fate only Mother Nature herself can determine. Moving to a new place and need some peace of mind that your best cards won’t get bent in the chaos? The Black Box is made from a highly durable, crush-resistant material, so it can handle whatever you throw at it. Traveling to a convention in a distant city to show off your greatest cards but are too scared to check your bag for fear of some unthinkable incident? With your cards safely stowed inside a Black Box, you can turn your focus elsewhere, like what position is best for catching some zzz’s on a long flight. (Psst: the window seat is always the best for naps. Until it’s time to get up for the bathroom, that is). Wherever you need to go, your favorite cards can finally join you on the adventure, so live it up! Take your Black Box to the beach, the mountains, the desert, or even just to your friend’s place across town. The world is your RPG, so follow the map and tread without fear! 

And remember: it doesn’t matter if you’re protecting the rarest baseball card ever sold, or just those nostalgic Pokemon cards you pulled from your very first booster as a kid; if it’s special to you, it’s worth protecting with a Black Box deck box.

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