Critical Role x Ultra PRO: Roll For Accessories!

Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Critical Role is coming to Ultra PRO! That’s right, for the very first time, your favorite tabletop RPG adventuring parties are getting a collection of their very own, featuring characters from your favorite Critical Role campaigns: Vox Machina, The Mighty Nein, and Bells Hells will all see their own gaming accessories, perfect for tabletop RPGs of all kinds. Each character from Bells Hells will have their own RPG folio, the ultimate tool in tabletop game organization! (Did we mention they come with matching Bells Hells stickers, too? Everyone loves a good sticker, even Ashton Greymoore.)  Plus, there’s a Premium Bells Hells Book Folio, which holds everything you need for a great adventure: there’s a pocket to store notes or maps, 10 wet/dry-erase compatible pages for character sheets and notes, two 9-pocket pages for standard size spell cards, an elastic loop to store a pencil or marker, a Critical Role branded graph paper notepad, and the added pocket in the back to slide in the back cover of any TTRPG sourcebook for easy access. Amazing! 

There are also playmats featuring both previous Critical Role campaign crews, Vox Machina deck-protector sleeves, and tons of great dice-related items to aid in your tabletop rolling, like Dice Towers, Dice Trays, even premium Deck Boxes, all featuring Critical Role patterns! If you’re like us and find it impossible to pick a favorite, worry not! The best way to choose a roleplaying character accessory is painfully simple: just roll a d20! Grab a dice from that mountain of shiny polyhedrals you’ve no doubt amassed, and give it a toss! Your number will determine which product is perfect for you. Give it a whirl and determine your accessory destiny!

Which number did you land on? Scroll to find your roll!

1: Roll again. 

Sometimes you get a nat 1 and that’s okay. Dust yourself off and try again.

2: Playmat featuring Vox Machina

3: Playmat featuring The Mighty Nein

4: Playmat featuring Bells Hells

5: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Ashton Greymoore 

6: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Chetney Pock O'Pea

7: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Fearne Calloway 

8: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Fresh Cut Grass

9: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Imogen Temult

10: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Laudna 

11: RPG Folio with Stickers featuring Orym of the Air Ashari

12: 100ct Sleeves featuring Vox Machina art

13: Printed Leatherette Alcove Deck Box featuring Vox Machina art

14 or 15: Printed Leatherette Dice Tower featuring printed Bells Hells pattern

16 or 17: Printed Leatherette Folding Dice Tray featuring printed Bells Hells pattern 

18 or 19: Printed Leatherette Book Folio featuring Bells Hells art

20: You got a nat 20! That’s amazing. Obviously it means you should roll for two accessories now 😉 

Whichever gaming accessory is aligned with your destiny, you can enjoy the entire line of Critical Role products available now from Ultra PRO! Happy rolling!

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