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Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Regardless of the time of year, phantom-loving Poké-fans are always on the hunt for some apparitional additions to their Pokémon team. If that includes you, you’ve probably had your eye on one elusive ghost in particular: Mimikyu! This one-of-a-kind Pokémon is not only the shortest-sized ghost type, but it’s also the only Pokémon to have a type combination of Fairy/Ghost, which gives it a unique, creepy-cute quality that so many love. This ‘disguise Pokémon’ is actually a mysterious ghostly figure that hides under rags in an attempt to pass for a Pikachu. With a scribbled-on face and lumpy body, this creature isn’t so great at cosplay, but the effort makes it all the more enduring. Plus, beneath its worn-out rag costume, something more sinister lurks: in true Lovecraftian fashion, it is rumored that viewing Mimikyu’s true form can bring on instant pain or even death, so none dare to look underneath its handmade costume. If bringing home this mysterious (and slightly dangerous) ghostie is on your to-do list, this guide will not only help you locate one, but will also give you tips on keeping it and caring for it properly!


Where to find a Mimikyu

Originally discovered in the Alola region, Mimkyu can be found in other areas of the world as well, although they are much less common outside of their native island. The best place to find Mimikyu is in abandoned buildings. Old strip malls, empty gas stations and malls; if it hasn’t seen much human use in a while, there’s a good chance you could find a Mimikyu there, hiding amongst forgotten storefronts and dusty sales racks. When it comes to tracking down a Mimikyu, the best thing to do is to think like one. If you were a formless ghostly entity in need of a disguise, where would you go? An old clothing shop or warehouse would be full of fabric scraps for a Mimikyu to craft its signature costume! Even alleyways or dumpsters could be good potential areas to check for these ghostly Pikachu Doppelgangers. Ultimately, Mimikyu go through the trouble of dressing up like Pikachu to appear more approachable to others. This means what they really want is to get closer to people, so even if they spend a lot of time alone, they can be lured easily with simple kindness and a gentle nature. If you spot one, call out to it! Tell it you want to be friends, and you mean no harm. You’ll probably have a new pal in no time! Whatever you do, though, do not try to look under its rags for any reason. A Mimikyu that feels threatened or like its true identity could be exposed will flee quickly, so don’t squander its trust once you have it. Plus, there’s that whole instant painful death thing to remember. Mimikyu is cute, but never forget that it can be dangerous, too.


How to care for your Mimikyu

Once you’ve managed to locate and befriend a Mimikyu, caring for it is easy! Give it a steady supply of needles and thread and fabric scraps to repair its costume when it rips or tears. It may want markers or crayons to redraw its Pikachu face from time to time, too. A good stash of craft supplies will keep a Mimikyu happy for years to come. If you become extra close, you could even offer Mimikyu a costume you made yourself for it to wear! Just make sure you leave it somewhere where it can swap costumes in private, as Mimikyu will never reveal its true form, not even to its closest ally. Give it privacy and respect, and you’ll be rewarded with a strong ghost Pokémon and an even stronger friend! 

Looking to add a Mimikyu of your own to your collection? There’s no need to travel to Alola and search a dusty old Thrifty Megamart for this cute and creepy ghost-type Pokémon anymore! Now you can see ghostly visions of Mimikyu everywhere you go with the new Mimikyu and Pikachu line of Pokémon TCG accessories! Adorned with Mimikyu in its Pikachu costume—as well as the Pikachu it’s always trying so hard to imitate—, these TCG accessories are the perfect combination of creepy and cute! With an array of products to choose from, this new line of accessories is sure to be a scream: PRO-Binders, albums, and portfolios keep your cards safe from scares, and deck boxes and deck sleeves make traveling with your ghost-themed deck feel as easy as a breeze moving through a graveyard. There’s even a matching playmat, so you can play a round of Pokémon TCG in any old haunted house and know your cards will be kept safe from spooky encounters. Haunt your local game shop today, and scare up some Mimikyu and Pikachu accessories for your very own!

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