Adults Who Play Games: Why Being a Fancy Grown-Up Hobbyist Is Actually the Best Thing Ever

Written by Sara Cate Galasso


If you’re a tabletop gamer, you’ve already heard all the outdated opinions that sometimes spill forth from people outside of the hobby: “Collecting cards is for kids”; “Why would an adult play with trading cards?”; “Only immature people play tabletop games”; 


No one really seems to say that stuff about people who are passionate about designer handbags, or sports cars, or expensive kitchen equipment. So why do gamers get all the flak? Sure, lots of games are made for everybody to enjoy, especially kids. As it should be! Everyone should play games, in our opinion. Gaming is good for your brain, it can keep you young at heart, help you build friendships and community…but you know all that already, right? So where does the outdated association that adults who play games are just people who aren’t ‘mature’ yet come from? Perhaps the association exists because there aren’t any grown-up options for tabletop gamers when it comes to accessories. There are luxury clothes, luxury cars, luxury kitchens…why aren’t there any luxury gaming accessories? Good question. We have an answer we think you might like.


If you’ve reached the age bracket where you get excited about upgrading your sheets to sustainable bamboo fibers and you’ve finally stopped buying shoes that fall apart after 6 months, you’ve done your adulting. You did the all-IKEA furniture look. You’ve eaten off paper plates so you wouldn’t have to wash dishes. You own more than one towel now. Heck, you know what a bedskirt is, and you actually have one. You did your time in growing-up purgatory, as we all must. It can be a fun place to be, but after it’s done, we kind of just want to take a pause and reassess how we’re living our lives. (Plus, slowing down is good. Our backs hurt.) And when that moment of reflection occurs, you know you’re there. You did it! You’re an adult. You finally understand the importance of saving up to buy something nice. It’ll last longer, it’ll work better, and best of all: it makes you feel fancy. So, just as the idea of buying a car with better MPG gives you the tingles, so too should your gaming accessories. Sure, you’re an adult who plays tabletop games. But you also take politics seriously, and you love a nice scented candle. So why buy the cheapest version of a deck box to store your cards? It’s time to upgrade. Gather ‘round, fellow Adults Who Game. It’s time for some networking, just like all those career-minded folks do on Linked-In: we’d like to introduce you to the Vivid Deluxe collection.


The Vivid Deluxe collection is a line of premium gaming accessories designed to make you feel downright indulgent, all while you’re kicking butt at Pokémon TCG or flipping through your highly curated commander decks. Made with high-end Alcantara microsuede—and we all know that microsuede is a Very Official Classy Adult material—, the Vivid Deluxe collection is for those who not only want to feel Grown-Up while they play their favorite games, but truly like they’re living their best lives. 


The Vivid Deluxe Deck Boxes, available in Edge and Flip versions, feature durable molded interiors and hold up to 100 cards. The soft and supple exterior is made from a cutting edge material originating in Italy, so you know it’s fancy. Attending a swanky Adult Dinner Party? Grab a bottle of wine and your Vivid Deluxe Deck Box. (What kind of party would it be without a few rounds of MTG?) The Vivid Deluxe binder is the same 9-Pocket PRO Binder you’ve come to love, with added extravagance built right in. Besides that same luxury Alcantara fabric cover, these PRO Binders feature low-friction pages with black backing, which provide cards with a classic framed look, just like little works of art inside their very own trading card museum. (Adults certainly love museums, right?) With color-matching zippers and pulls, these binders hold up to 360 cards with deck protector sleeves, and make safeguarding your prized cards feel downright classy. (They’re investments, after all, right?)


You already know the benefits of being an adult when it comes to your hobby. You’ve spent a lot of time building your card collection, so there’s no doubt that you value keeping it safe and protected. In fact, it’s downright practical, like a 401(k), which you definitely have, you Grown-Up, you. But on top of being practical, you deserve to feel special, too. You only want the best for your card collection. So it’s time to treat yourself the way you treat your cards! Give yourself the gift of luxury, with Vivid Deluxe Deck Boxes and PRO Binders, available now, for Grown-Up Gamers, Kids At Heart, and anyone who wants a little extra sophistication when it comes to their gaming accessories. 
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