We're in this together: Face Masks for our Retail Partners

We’ve protected your trading cards – now, it's time to protect you. Ultra PRO has joined the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic by switching our manufacturing from gaming and collectibles accessories to PPE.

The pandemic has forced us to change how we here at Ultra PRO maintain a safe workplace. This presented several problems that required solutions. An immediate issue was the procurement of PPE for our own employees to work safely, especially face masks. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to manufacture masks up to our high standards.

To solve this problem, we leveraged our extensive network and experience in overseas sourcing to vet and identify overseas vendors, securing a reliable supply chain for disposable face masks.

We have also taken note of the unethical price gouging in the open market by profiteers and fraudsters. We've decided to share our solution with the hobby shop community as a small way to give back to the thousands of stores that have partnered with us for so long.

We are currently procuring disposable face masks at what we feel is a reasonable cost.
While it is higher than typical market pricing prior to the pandemic, we believe this expense is well worth the effort to prevent COVID-19 transmissions, and reasonably priced given the current market conditions.

To purchase these disposable face masks at cost for your store and employees, visit our online shop at http://shop.ultrapro.com and use the promo code provided to you by our retailer program manager.

Please note that these disposable face masks are CE approved, but not FDA approved as we understand FDA approval is not required for non-medical use. These disposable face masks have a filtration efficiency rating of BFE ≥ 95%, but do not carry “N95” or “KN95” ratings.

Stay safe and apart, but stay connected and support each other. We’re in this together.

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