Ultra PRO Eclipse Deck Protector Update

Eclipse Update 2020!

Here at Ultra PRO, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our products, and we hope these improvements are as exciting for you as they are for us. 

As you all know, we recently launched our Eclipse Gloss line. The Eclipse Gloss launch was exciting for us, as players and retailers have been asking for the gloss line since we launched our Matte deck protectors line in 2017.

When we launched our gloss sleeves, we took the opportunity to test a new formulation that ensures even stronger seals. Our new formula is also made with USA-sourced materials and manufactured here in California, making Eclipse Sleeves 100% made in the USA. 

The test results on our Eclipse Gloss were so positive that we have decided to move our Eclipse Matte line to the new formula. The change in the recipe comes with some slight color variations. To ensure a clear way to identify the new formula versus the old formula, we've created new part numbers for the Eclipse Matte line and discontinued the old part numbers. We have also updated the packaging for the Eclipse Matte line so that both consumers and retailers can tell at a glance what they are buying.                                                 

With the move to bring 100% of the raw materials and production of our Eclipse Deck Protector sleeves to the USA, we anticipate being able to meet better the demand for both the gloss and matte lines. As we continually look to grow our Eclipse Deck Protectors line, Ultra PRO will roll out new gloss colors and reintroduce the matte colors back to the market. 

 Estimated Release Schedule: 

Standard Sleeves (designed to fit cards such as Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Ball Super, Pokémon, and KeyForge)

Available January: Arctic White, Pacific Blue, Jet Black, Apple Red, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Royal Purple, Smoke Grey

Available March: Lime Green, Pumpkin Orange, Lemon Yellow, Hot Pink 

Small (designed for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other games)

Available January: Arctic White, Jet Black

Available March: Pacific Blue, Apple Red, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Royal Purple


  • New US sourced materials mean quick and easier production of our sleeves!
  • The slight color difference between the New Eclipse Matte and existing Eclipse Matte means NEW SKUs
  • Our awesome ChromaFusion formula results in a seal that is stronger than ever!
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