Ultra PRO has joined forces with Air-Tite Holders

Written by Krystal Rose


Air-Tite has been a leader in collectible coin storage since the 80’s and shares Ultra PRO’s passion for manufacturing excellence. Founded in 1980 by the Therrien family, Air-Tite offers storage systems to protect, store, organize, and display collectible coins in a wide variety of currencies, denominations, and sizes. Air-Tite’s flagship line of acrylic coin holders offer superior optical clarity and impact resistance.

As a family owned company ourselves, we know the Therrien family wanted to ensure their legacy was left in good hands as they move on to their next chapter. Glenn Therrien, President of Air-Tite Holders, commented, “Starting with our dad and after two generations, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve built. Our coin holders are produced with top-quality acrylic that creates a crystal-clear look and enhances the value and joy of coin collecting. With Ultra PRO’s deep manufacturing experience, we are confident that as my family and I look towards retirement, Air-Tite has the right partner to step into its next phase of growth.”

We look forward to continuing to produce quality coin storage through Air-Tite’s Massachusetts-based manufacturing facility, where we have chosen to keep working with their wonderful team of 15. Ultra PRO’s President, Jay Kuo, remarks, “We’re very fortunate to continue the 40-year legacy created by the Therriens. Furthermore, we are excited for this opportunity to add domestic injection molding capabilities, giving us flexible manufacturing options as we navigate through supply chain obstacles standing in the way of growth.” 

Air-Tite’s full catalog can be found at www.airtiteholders.com
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