Hydro74 Lich Treasure Nest for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

Written by Sara Cate Gallasso

Four brand new Treasure Nest dice bags have just arrived, featuring iconic D&D artwork from Hydro74, and they are ready to join you on your RPG quest! Don’t be fooled, as these are no ordinary bags of holding. Treasure Nest dice bags are made of a soft outer fabric with a velvety inner lining, to caress and protect all sides of your precious polyhedrals. Keep the goods secret and safe with a drawstring and clasp closure. Each Treasure Nest can hold up to 100 dice— great news for you dice-hoarding types!— and features one of four monster designs from Hydro74’s amazing alternate D&D cover art: the lich, the beholder, the fire giant, or the mind flayer. Which fearsome monster will you summon to face in battle? Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Hydro74 Lich Treasure Nest for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

The Lich

He just took a DNA test and turns out he’s 100% That Lich. Once a great wizard, this monster means business, and he’s selected you as his next sacrifice. Undead, unbothered, and always in search of that sweet, forbidden knowledge, this decaying, skeletal sorcerer may have “Resting Lich Face”, but you can still see a faint, menacing glow emanating from within its empty eye sockets, the flicker of a dark purpose propelling it forward. Plus, you gotta love a good statement headpiece, right? Purple is so his color.

Hydro74 Beholder Treasure Nest for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

The Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this Beholder’s got ten of ‘em— eyes, that is. One wayward glance at this evil eyeful and you’ll be wondering: who is she? She’s the last thing you see before you die, if you’re not careful! This floating, ocular abomination is a sight to behold: a vision in teal and teeth, a single dirty look from her could spell your demise. If her soul-possessing peepers give you the creeps, don’t look away! Her sights are set on you, and she’s always watching. (Kinda like Gossip Girl, but with more Death Rays). xoxo

Hydro74 Fire Giant Treasure Nest for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

The Fire Giant

Are you into the tall, dark and handsome type? How about the ‘eighteen-foot tall, three-thousand pound, loves long walks by the lava pit’ type? Donning an elaborate, horned skull helmet and fiery red beard, swiping right on this tall drink of magma means a hot night for everyone involved. Don’t feel burned if the Fire Giant is more interested in flambé-ing you than dating you, though: he was bred for battle, after all, and his first love will always be his enormous, flaming sword. That’s hot.

Hydro74 Mind Flayer Treasure Nest for Dungeons & Dragons | Ultra PRO International

The Mind Flayer

Mind Flayers are only interested in one thing, and it’s disgusting: satiating their appetites. So what horrible cuisine is on the menu for this tentacled terror? Brains. Yep, it’s a grey-matter buffet, and you’re invited! Slippery and sadistic with purple, rubbery, octopus-like flesh, this foul foodie wants nothing more than to extract the juicy mind-meat from your noggin, and consume your very personality along with it. You can’t take over the multiverse on an empty stomach, now, can you? Welcome to Flayvortown, foolish mortals.

Whichever calamitous creatures you may face on your quest, rest assured. Your spoils will be safe in a Treasure Nest dice bag, so you can stay focused on the battle at hand. May the dice rolls be ever in your favor, and your dice bags always adorned with cool monster art. 

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