So Fetch: Hot Pink Is Back, Just in Time for Hot Nerd Fall

Written by Sara Cate Galasso

If Y2K is coming back into fashion, that means hot pink is back, too. The benefit of trends coming back into style is that we’re smarter than we were when they first came around. We know now that ultra-plucked eyebrows were a mistake; we have the wisdom of the past on our shoulders (forgive us, ancestors, for we have over-tweezed). And since we’re full-steam ahead on Y2K 2.0, let’s get it right this time. No more hiding our niche hobbies from our peers, or pretending that we’re not into gaming when it’s actually our most favorite pastime. If we’re doing Mean Girls vibes again, let’s skip the cliques. We know that gender is a social construct, which means hot pink is for everybody, not just The Plastics. So, Gretchen, stop trying to make Hot Girl Summer happen. It’s not going to happen. Instead, let’s embrace Hot Nerd Fall! Get in, loser, we’re playing tabletop RPGs.

So now that we’re agreed, and we think that hot pink is really pretty, we need a fetch new accessory to flaunt our updated outlook on life. Well, what’s perfectly plush, holds up to fifty dice, and is nerdy all over? The D20 Plush Dice Bag, of course! Did we just combine Hot Pink and Hot Nerd Fall into one amazing item? Oh yeah. Hot Pink isn’t just for Wednesdays anymore.

It’s Friday night, and you’re planning your outfit for the evening: mesh crop top, velour track pants, fuzzy bucket hat…it’s almost perfect, but could use one more thing. Something that really sets you apart, and pulls your whole look together. Perhaps…a nerdy touch? Why not throw your ID and headphones into the D20 Hot Pink Dice Bag and use it as your travel bag for the evening? The carabiner clip makes it easy to clip to the belt loops of your army pants (and flip flops?), and the Hot Pink pairs perfectly with screaming Evanescence lyrics at Throwback Emo Night. (Psst: don’t forget the sparkly lipgloss! Paris would be so proud 🥲)

Maybe you’re not the clubbing type. Shakira isn’t your thing. That’s okay! Besides holding fifty of your prized polyhedral dice as you travel between D&D hangouts, the Plush D20 bag has so many other uses! Throw some doggy treats and baggies into it and you’ve got the perfect dog walking accessory! Clip the carabiner onto your backpack and use it to hold your snacks for school! Perhaps it can function as a cute gift prop for a roleplaying-themed birthday party? Or, clip it to your convention badge lanyard for the ultimate in fluffy pink con-swag. The limit does not exist—the limit of practical uses for this plush dice bag, that is! That’s so hot.

However you use your D20 Dice Bag, remember that in the year 2022, nerds rule. Gone are the days of hiding your affinity for fantasy games, or playing down your love of trading card collecting. This is your Hot Nerd Fall, so wear your nerdom proudly! And wear your Plush D20 Dice Bag, proudly too! (Speaking of pride: did we mention it comes in a rainbow full of other colors?). Be unapologetically you, and spread the positivity around. You go, Glen Coco! (But maybe leave the low-rise jeans in the past, okay? Trust us on this one.) 

What awesome ways are you wearing your D20 Plush Dice Bag? Send us a picture and use the hashtag #HotNerdFall & #UPyourgame! 

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