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Written by Sara Cate Galasso 

Everyone loves a story about brothers. Some of history’s most famous brothers remain memorable to this day, no matter how long ago they made their mark on the world: the Wright Brothers and their successful flying experiments that forever changed how we think about traveling the world, the Brothers Grimm and their enduring (and dark) fairytale stories, and even the Marx Brothers, the most influential comedic act of the 20th century. But all of those brothers left positive contributions upon humanity, and are generally remembered with fondness and appreciation. What if there were two brothers whose feud became so deep-seated that it caused widespread destruction, death, and eventually ended the entire world itself as a result? That’s exactly what happened in the world of Magic: The Gathering, to brothers Urza and Mishra: two brothers who changed the fate of Dominaria forever. 

Anyone interested in the lore and legends of Magic: The Gathering has heard of the Brother’s War: this clash of egos was the event that caused an Ice Age to spread throughout Dominaria, after enormous war machines ripped through the land, destroying anything that wasn’t already in ruins. It also unwittingly created an opening within Dominaria that allowed the Phyrexians to rise to power and invade for the very first time, which brought on an entirely new slough of conflicts and war for the plane. Who knew a case of simple sibling rivalry could end in so much devastation? It’s easy to do when you add Powerstones to the mix, which is exactly what spurred on the conflict between two larger-than-life brothers, each the villain in the other’s story. No matter whose side you identify with more, the Brother’s War left an indelible mark on the history of Dominaria, and thus is worth revisiting with fresh eyes— which is exactly what the recent heroes from Dominaria United must do (using time travel, of course) to reveal the truth of what really happened so long ago.

Excited to revisit the Brother’s War for yourself? Then like the two brothers grabbing for the Powerstones to harness their powerful properties, grab yourself something from the Brother’s War line of officially licensed tabletop gaming accessories! New items include a variety of playmats, including new premium stitched and holofoil versions (oooh, shiny!), as well as Table Playmats, the playmat as gigantic as the mechanical war-waging behemoths depicted on it. Also included are Deck Boxes and Deck Protector Sleeves, PRO-Binders and even a wall scroll. 

Who do you side with: Urza or Mishra? Pick your side—or don’t. Designs include the two brothers, the Chief Artificer and the Eminent One, rendered separately with art from the new Brother’s War line of card illustrations, as well as the two facing off in the ultimate scene of their conflict, alight from the glow of their own Powerstones. Prefer the Phyrexian side of the story that rocked Dominaria after the Brother’s War destroyed the plane? Then grab a playmat of Gix, Yawgmoth’s Praetor, the first compleated human and loyal lieutenant to the Dark God himself. Or, see the story through new eyes, like Kayla bin-Kroog, Queen who was last to leave her doomed city of Penregon before the Ice Age took hold, and who only discovered her magical fire-wielding abilities after intense suffering, as testament to her immense strength.

Whomever you loved most from this epic tale, celebrate the past while forging new historic moments with Brother’s War accessories for Magic: The Gathering.

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