Magic: The Gathering - Secretversary 2023 | Ultra PRO International

by Sara Cate Galasso

Secretversary 2023 is here, so don your winter coat, strap on your asteroid belt, and crank up the heat in this corner of the cosmos with Ultra PRO’s latest accessory release! Our Secret Lair-aligned drop makes it easy to enjoy your favorite limited-release art on playmats and posters, whether you were able to snag some Secret Lair cards from the latest release (or not- we feel your pain). Featuring out-of-this-world artwork by Dani Pendergast, Through the Wormhole playmats spotlight iconic Magic: The Gathering cards reimagined with spiffy, spacey new artwork, and are sure to leave you feeling star-struck. Paradise Frost features a flurry of full-color posters with enchanting new art by ELK64 to commemorate your favorite Snow Lands! Whether you want to add some solar flair to your tabletop, or deck the walls with beautiful artwork this winter, Secretversary 2023 has everything you need to gift and game this holiday season!

Forget the sun lamps or vitamin D, just grab yourself a Through the Wormhole playmat, featuring popular reimagined Magic cards like the flaming Sol Ring, and you’ll always have the sun right at your fingertips this winter! For the chronically spaced-out (or would it be called Galaxy Brained?) ready your noggins’ for the Thought Vessel playmat, featuring a pensive cosmonaut with an entire galaxy swirling inside their mind. (Good thing no one can hear you overthink in space!) And for those feeling up for a little space race, the Lightning Greaves playmat depicting the coolest space-skates you’ve ever seen is bound to make your heart rate shoot upwards. First one around the rings of Saturn wins! Check out the entire Through the Wormhole collection today, but hurry, before these playmats blast off forever!

In the mood for some Secretversary shopping on more…solid ground? Then return to terra firma with the wintery wonderland of Paradise Frost, featuring an avalanche of full-artwork posters commemorating your favorite Snow Lands! With five stunning snowy landscapes by ELK86, there’s snow business like these Snow Lands posters! Add a wintery touch of snow-capped mountain or drift-dusted forest to your office or bedroom, and you’ll feel like you’re sipping on hot-cocoa in front of the fire all year round! (Or crafting snow-related Commander strategies with friends over the winter holidays, which can be just as warm and fuzzy!) Collect all five posters for yourself, or stick them in stockings for a snowy surprise on Christmas morning. However you celebrate Magic’s (vastly superior) Snow Lands, be sure to grab your favorite Paradise Frost posters quickly, before they melt away!

With two different releases to get hyped about, there’s something for everyone in the latest Secret Lair drop of accessories from Ultra PRO, so prepare for countdown and bundle up this holiday season with Secretversary 2023 playmats and posters!

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