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Written by Sara Cate Galasso

Winter is behind you! And what’s waiting for you on the other side? A sunlit springtime brimming with pink and twinkling magic, of course! The flower buds are blooming, the birds are singing, and the fairy Pokémon are emerging from their hidden glades. Can you catch a glimpse of them as you wander the green meadows picking wildflowers? Picture it:

A gentle breeze blows through the trees and you spot a Clefairy napping peacefully on a bed of grass in the dappled sunlight. As you walk along the river, you can make out a faint song drifting through the air: it’s a Jigglypuff, calling to its friends! You whistle the tune to yourself as you go. Following the worn dirt path through the woods, you see something moving in the bushes. A tiny Togepi steps out: it's gathering fallen berries to eat!  It sees you and rushes back into the brush. With a little coaxing, you convince it to come back out. Cautiously, it reaches out to you and places something in your palm. A razz berry! You thank it for the kind gift and continue on down the path. Suddenly, in a clearing up ahead, you see it: a Galarian Rapidash is crossing the meadow, its vibrant mane blowing behind it in the breeze. It stops, and the light catches on its gleaming horn. Has it spotted you? For a moment, time seems to stand still. The Rapidash stares right into your eyes, and you feel a warmth spreading across your whole body. You close your eyes, letting the magic wash over you. You feel almost weightless, like you could float above the clouds. The scent of lavender and clovers hangs in the air. You feel safe, protected.  When you open your eyes again, the Rapidash is gone. That’s okay though; you have a feeling you’ll cross paths again very soon. 

Wherever the arrival of spring may take you, you can carry your own little piece of woodland fairy magic with the new Pokémon Gallery: Enchanted Glade series! Adorned with a cute-tastic array of pinkly perfect Fairy Pokémon, you’ll never be too far from the clearing where you once caught a glimpse of that mysterious Galarian Rapidash in all its candy-colored glory. Still not ready to emerge from your winter hideout? That’s okay! Spruce up your computer desk with the Enchanted Glade playmat! With soft fabric top and non-slip rubber backing, it’s perfect for completing the cottagecore streaming setup of your dreams. Ready for some fresh air? Carry your cutest cards in style with a 4- or 9-pocket portfolio as you head to the park for a Pokémon picnic (pink macarons and razz berry tea are a must). Or, grab your art supplies, throw some paper into the 2” Enchanted Glade binder, and make your way to the woods to sketch your favorite springtime flowers. You might even spot a Slurpuff floating by on a breeze (you know they’re nearby if you catch the scent of cotton candy drifting through the air!). However you enjoy the springtime, you’ll be radiant and blooming with the Enchanted Glade Pokémon Gallery Series! 

Which six Pokémon do you think would be perfect for a cottagecore-themed team?

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