100+ Deck Boxes: Flips and Towers and Vaults, Oh My! | Ultra PRO International

Written by Reuben Bresler

Magic: The Gathering's most popular format these days is Commander. Originally named Elder Dragon Highlander, the last 20 years of Magic: The Gathering turned the one-time casual 100-card format, first championed by MTG judges and off-duty event staff, into the powerhouse now known as Commander. Now an official Magic format with nearly a dozen individual expansions, Commander is the first sanctioned format maintained by a board outside of Wizards of the Coast. The casual format, communal nature, and political intrigue possible in a game of Commander is unique in all of MTG, and unavailable anywhere else.

It is no shock, then, that Commander-specific products are in high demand - and Ultra PRO is here to help! A whole slew of products designed specifically for 99 card decks (plus extra room for your deck's Commander or two) are available to support your Commander needs. Each of the Alcove Flip, Vault, and Tower boxes are able to hold 100 or more cards, so your Commander decks are covered. All MTG licensed Deck Box products hold 100+ double-sleeved cards, including those for set releases. In fact, the Alcove Vault actually holds up to 275 double sleeved cards across 3 compartments - not necessarily recommended for tournaments, but perfect for bringing a couple decks and tokens to Commander Game Night! Meanwhile, both the Alcove and the Tower are sleek and fit perfectly either on a kitchen table game or at your local tournament, slotting neatly into the space between matches comfortably and easily.

The Mythic Edition features all three types of Deck Boxes offered in these collections: the top-loading Tower, the unfolding Flip, and the combination cards-plus-dice vehicle - Vault. The Fine Art Alcove Deck Boxes feature art from throughout history, from Van Gogh's Starry Night to The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. The Eclipse collection of PRO and 2-Piece Deck Boxes are perfect for containment of Magic cards or any trading card game. And speaking of other trading card games, the Pokémon Alcove Click and Pokémon Elite Series Alcove are perfect for either your pocket monster collections or your ironic MTG collections. The Pikachu Elite Deck Box in particular showcases the stark contrast and gorgeous design closely aligned with the product line. And to top it off, the swankiest and most fancy of fancy Deck Boxes offered by Ultra PRO are surely either from the Suede Collection or the Satin Tower, all of which are not only top-flight options for card storage aesthetics,but also in tactile sensation. The Suede collection features Flip, Tower, and Vault options, each beautifully stitched and crafted, while the Satin Tower is a monolith of quality combining form and function.

Ultra PRO's line of 100+ card Deck Boxes can fit any of your trading card game needs. From casual Commander to Magic Fests, from your friendly local game store to your kitchen table and everything in between, Ultra PRO's line of Deck Boxes are the perfect accent piece and storage option for your collectible card game needs. So check out Ultra PRO and see which box fits you best today!

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