Ultra Sleeves Resealable Protective Sleeves for Android and iPad Tablets (10ct)

SKU: 72000

Size: 10" Tablets
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Ultra Sleeves are disposable, protective sleeves with a proprietary formula designed to fit tablets and e-readers such as iPads, Android Tablets, and Kindles. Each of our Ultra Sleeves has been engineered as an economical solution for hospitals, medical offices, and other sterile locations. Each one is made from the same high-quality, acid-free, and recyclable plastic film used in our collectible sleeves with an added anti-static feature to protect your expensive electronics. We have also included a resealable, double-adhesive strip that offers improved seal strength after multiple uses, allowing you to open and close the sleeve for easy charging and other adjustments.


  • Exclusive Anti-Static Formulation Safely Protects Electronic Components
  • Water-Resistant design protects against environmental hazards
  • Does not interfere with touch-screen sensitivity, clarity or camera functionality
  • FDA Approved PVC-Free Material
  • Compatible with Smart Covers, Stylus Pens, and most Hard Cases

  • SKU 72000 - Fits most 10" tablets, Actual size- 11"x7 1/2" with 1" adjustable resealable flap
  • SKU 72004 - Fits most 7" tablets, Actual size - 9.437"x5.687" with 1" adjustable resealable flap


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