Trading Faces: Emotion expression game for ages 6 and up

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Can you get players to guess an emotion just by using facial expressions?

In Trading Faces, players quickly swap Emotion Cards until one has three of a kind. Then, that player makes the expression on the matching cards, only using their face! Guess correctly to win points. Will you be happy or surprised with your guess?

There are 13 numbered sets of 3 cards each; each set is showing a feeling (happy, sad, afraid, etc.). Each player starts with a number of cards and passes one of them on to the next player (simultaneously). All cards are picked up and a player who has a complete set calls "Stop". Then he or she shows the feeling on the set (only with his or her face, no words or hands). The other players take turns guessing. The first player who guesses correctly gets one of the cards as a point; the player who showed the emotion gets the other two and draws a new card. Then the next card is passed on. Repeat until there are no more cards in the stack and a player has less than 3 hand cards. Whoever collected most cards wins.

  • Fast playing card game that teaches emotional expression
  • Helps in learning collecting and counting
  • Great family or group game that is both silly and intelligent
  • Designed for 2 to 5 players ages 6 and up
  • Instructions in English, Spanish, and French

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