Sherlock: Memory & deduction card game for ages 5 and up (Deluxe Edition)

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Around the circle looking for clues - Sherlock uncovers the cards that you choose! Players must remember each clue that he passes... Was it the present? The pencil? The drum? Or the Glasses? Land on an item, while back and forth you go, and add it to your stack to make your score grow!

Sherlock is a memory game that's fun for the whole family! In this easy-to-learn game, players look at the cards and try to memorize them before they are turned face-down. As Sherlock travels from one card to another stop at a face-down card, players take turns jogging their memory to guess what was on that card. If the player is correct, the card will be revealed to show where Sherlock will go next, and the player also gets to keep the card for scoring. The first player to collect six cards wins.

  • A memory game for the whole family with endless combinations of playability
  • Encourages memory and deduction skills
  • This deluxe version includes a Sherlock figurine
  • Award-winning gameplay that teaches memory skills while promotes social interaction
  • Designed for 2 to 5 players ages 5 and up

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