Number Chase: Card game to sharpen math skills for ages 6 and up

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In each round, a different player is the "Writer." The Writer thinks of a number from 1 to 50 and secretly writes it down on a slip of paper. One at a time, each of the other players tries to guess the number. If the guess is wrong, the number is turned over to reveal a question, and the answer will be a clue to help out the other players. If the guess is correct, the player receives that number card as a point. The first person to collect three cards is the winner!

  • A card game to build basic number comparisons and identification skills
  • Gameplay promotes social interaction between the players
  • Encourages deductive reasoning skills
  • Contents include 50 cards and a rule book
  • Designed for 2 to 5 players ages 6 and up

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