2.5" X 3.5" Easy Grip Card Sleeves (100ct)

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Introducing the Ultra PRO Easy Grip Sleeves, our first sleeve with a half-circle tab that protrudes above a standard Toploader, making it the easiest way to remove a sleeved card from a Toploader! The half-circle tab also assists with insertion of cards to prevent card corner damage. Just like our original card sleeves, Easy Grip Sleeves are made with non-PVC, archival safe, and acid-free polypropylene film which will protect your valuable trading cards and collectible game cards from dust, dirt, and natural oils from your hands during handling and storage of the cards. Designed to hold standard size (2½ in. X 3½ in.) trading cards up to 35 points in thickness, these sleeves also minimize surface scratches on your cards during sorting, display, or, for gaming cards, during gameplay.

  • 100ct pack of Easy Grip Sleeves designed for use with Toploaders
  • Holds standard size cards up to 2½ in. x 3½ in.
  • Protects up to 35pt cards from scratches & debris
  • Features half circle tab to easily maneuver in and out of a Toploader
  • Made with clear non-PVC, acid-free, and archival-safe polypropylene film


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