2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Entertainment Legacy Collection Blaster Box #98436

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Debuting in 2023 is Blizzard Legacy Collection, a premium trading card set that celebrates Blizzard Entertainment’s legacy of games and iconic franchises!

• 200-card Base Set

       o Collect retail exclusive colorful Base Set Parallels:

       o Horde Parallel with red foil
       o Molten Core Parallel on patterned foilboard

• Thematic inserts
       o Collect Ultimate Ready, celebrating the Overwatch Heroes Ultimate abilities!
       o Gather The Innkeepers Collection Classic Capsule Cards featuring Hearthstone themed Mini Cards inside!
       o Look for Overwatch Emotes! Lenticular Motion Cards featuring the most popular emotes used by players.
       o Discover Diablo Horadric Cube Square Die-Cut Cards, and create your own custom Horadric Cube!

       o Art of Samwise insert: brand new art cards from Blizzard classic artist Samwise!

       o Art of Samwise Cards
       o Blizzard Legacy Collection Molten Core Parallel

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